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Spinsterhood may be caused by vanity.?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spinsterhood may sometimes be caused by vanity

Studies indicate the presence of 15 Arab SPINSTERS million, as these studies indicate that most of them from well-educated entrepreneurs and degrees, which may tells us that vanity plays a big role in the emergence of this phenomenon.

Says one of them, a doctor, age 35, that the arrogance their level of scientific and material led them to refuse the offer to them to be considered without the required level, and is now one does not knock on the door only widowed or divorced.'s Lawyer put the blame on the parents, it says that one of her colleagues to provide it but parents in dowry demands and processing of the apartment led her fiance to stay away from them because the pregnancy was, and is now the life is stolen you can not find an opportunity for marriage.

Here is a comment elders, saying that many of the families came out to the tolerance of Islam and changed their meaning virtuous meanings of the material too far., Also warns of the temptations and immoral purposes, which can occur as a result of late age of marriage.

Social difference

Some young people find it difficult to get a wife because of the social differences that stand in front of some low-income, and the same situation may also be facing girls.

One of parents who work in the profession of modest suffered so much from his daughter, as they do not see in his career but shame and hatred. Often Tatb her father on the poverty and difficult life. The father says: "When I hear Ihanadtha I wish I was not born."

However, not a lot of children are beautiful deniers, there are estimated from all stems from the Father, compassion, love, sacrifice and fatigue. Vihaddahn say about her father that he is not a thief or a beggar even ashamed to mention. Rabbani has not deprive me of a good thing, why deprivation of love and Hanani, my appreciation and my care for him. "

Education and Information

Are the cause of the embarrassment of the poor and simple occupations. For example, we find in textbooks and public information programs, all focused on the profession of a doctor, engineer and lawyer, not to mention the rest of the professions, which he despises society and that thanks to advanced and developed a lot of countries. Dr. Yusri Abdel Mohsen, a specialist in psychiatry, that the shame of poverty is a psychological complex, which varies depending on the neighborhood you live where the family


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