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Medical notes before marriage

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Avoid the marriage of relatives.

2 - Avoid the marriage of relatives.
3 - convergence of age.
4 - Genetic.
5 - a medical examination before marriage.
6 - Summary of laboratory tests.

Avoid the marriage of relatives: relatives, especially first class, where numerous studies have shown that health problems and changes to increase by a large congenital whenever the couple became closer ratios to each other.

Convergence in the Age: or to be a pair slightly larger than the wife. The smaller the age difference was more understanding of mental, cultural and social best the absence of disease.

Genetic: even if the couple be healthy, the recessive genes may appear clearly to the children, so it's advisable not to intermarriage between the families involved in the presence of a genetic disease such as sickle cell anemia.

Medical examination before marriage: The historical record of patients, to detect clinical analysis of blood and any other tests for the detection of infectious diseases: such as hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases, laboratory testing to ensure the health of the couple and the ability of women physical to assume the burden of pregnancy and childbirth, and can perform some tests such as rays of sound check on the status and integrity of the genital organs.

Summary of laboratory tests: examination of blood cells and hemoglobin, sedimentation, and sickle cell anemia, and kidney and liver functions and salts of the blood, check blood type, hepatitis screening, syphilis, and any other tests to see the doctor after reviewing the medical history of the couple and their families


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