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How to deal with a girl does not love her

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hasan al-Basri was Almighty God's mercy to say: your daughter's husband's religion, I love it honors, but not hated injustice! (The heed, seek not against them means) (women: 34) If any woman obeys her husband in all what he wants from them, which Allaah has permitted he has had, there is no way it yet, it is not him to hit her nor forsake her and the full verse threat to the men if the women of Goa is a reason.

(And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you) (Al-Baqarah: 216)

He said peace be upon him "Let no believing woman! That dislikes one of her pleased with another"

This draws attention to the great talk is important and should be well understood by the husband, should also be aware that the wife also, the perfect God and God alone, and added that:

And who satisfy all the qualities of one's noble enough to prepare Amaaibh!

The belief of each spouse should be the pursuit of happiness is full of the other reason for more trouble and problems.

It is strange that many couples ask selfish happiness for himself without thinking about giving them to his companion, forgetting that in the administration of not less than His Excellency taking!

The happiest wife or marriage, which has the patience and tolerance. In married life, the obstacles and rocks that may impede each of the spouses in many cases, in the patience to overcome all of that. The recklessness is subject to all risk. Soon, the family threatens to unravel and cracking.

The Prophet, peace be upon him and his family in this modern directs both of the spouses to compromise as long as possible, If you hate all of the other recipe was a recipe or other recipes accompanied by the owner. With that reconciliation and harmony and is delivered the family, and thinking about the fate of children, and the pain of separation, all of that sponsor waiver of each of the spouses for something of the happiness of married life for the continuation of a religious mission, not just fun!!

'Man complained of aversion to his wife and said: "What I appreciate the separation, inter alia, the large debt Ali and Sabri and I almost gave up a few bouts of tongue in the complaint and learn Bgdi her words.

It was said to him: this does not work, but bear doors of the houses, they should be free yourself Learning that she was brought to you your sins (not that often there is a lot of the righteous have wives Jnger!) Vtbalg to apologize and repent, either Altdjr and harm them, what benefit is also said al-Hasan ibn Pilgrims: the death of God you do not they met his sentence by the sword and met with her for forgiveness.

Remember that you are in a position to reward patient afflicted with You "and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you" Faml God with patience what spent and ask him to relief.

If collected between forgiveness and repentance of sins and patience on the question of the judiciary and the vagina. I got three arts of worship rewarded each of them, and do not put time something does not work, and occupies your thinking that you pay as much as: "and that God touches affliction, none can remove it but it is."

But if you're of women do not face him because they are kept so be it your job without this. The man said: This woman loves me, plus the reduction, and exaggerate in my service, but that hatred has Markoz undesirable.

He was told: Faml God upon you patience rewarded.

It was said to Abu Osman Nisabori: What is your business you allergic? Said: I was in my Saboti strive to get married but he refused Fjatni woman said: "O Abu Osman, I have your identity, and I ask God to marry me.

I brought her father was a poor Vzojni and the joy of it. When I saw her get into the cecum lame distorted, and her love for me was to prevent me from going out Voqad, to protect her heart and showed her hatred of something, like the embers of her dislike Ghoda.

So I stayed fifteen years until she died of what my job is allergic to me than my memorization heart.

Said: This is men's work. Anything benefit plagued by noise Baltdjr show hatred? Rather the way to what I said to you to repent and patience and the Question of the vulva.

Finally the husband to give up the ego for the future of his children and especially if this hatred was created after the marriage, especially if you love him and his wife, all his rights.

'A man said to the Caliph Omar ibn Al-Khattab: I do not like my wife!

He said: "The House of Eebeni to love!


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