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How a man treats his wife

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To those who submit to the marriage to improve the art of acting with his wife, and these are some guidelines and directions on how to conduct and behavior with the wife: -

1 - The impressive woman to her husband cornerstone of success in married life and this should be the husband informed his wife the news that would raise the character in the eye and does not address to what is underestimated and the denigration of his character, a woman by nature loves a man who is the highest of affair , and here shows the fault of the humble himself to his wife, to the extent that degrade his character or to show her Aldnip of the same excesses Vitagady for him and vilification of, and think that modest.

2 - applications required by the man from his wife, whether to perform a specific job or if a request is sexual right of men not women have the right to object to do so only when there are obstacles.

3 - The men compliment to his wife and endear him to them and fondled them must be well below the level of groveling and begging, without detracting from the ability.
4 level, linking the man to his love for his wife by integrity and obedience to him and proceeded to apply for and avoid problems, and should not be purely for the love for her just the same.
5 - for a man to understand his wife that he has obligations and other commitments outside the home, he is not detained the wife and the children only and not to the order of living, but also upon rights of Foreign Affairs, and his wife to allow him and help him to its courts, and it should not hear the word humility or Altdjr or held accountable for his time spent outside the home, but should help him to do so.
6 - The desertion of women to be guiltless it very seriously, it is often hard hit from the hit or suppression, so that the husband should not be resorted to beatings and abusive words towards his wife as long as an effective alternative without raising the ire of the community.
7 - the man to watch his wife, and teach and guide it to what you need from the doctrine, and enjoins them and encourages them to be worshiped good level, and complete deficiency in understanding about their religion, and should read the Koran every day and learn to pray, and he followed up on the performance of prayers on time, and monitoring and coverage of her headscarf to conceal what was stated by al-Shara, and by reading Islamic books that are appropriate to their level, especially the book Riyad righteous and his ilk.


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