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Pleasure in sexual violence

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The thrill of violence in sexual

Sex on a bed, and within the closed doors, there are men satisfy their desires in a strange way .. They have sex as if they were fighting a war for self-assertion.

If you hear Zmejrthm as they prepare to kiss, you would think and fierce beasts devour their food, which it signed after the chronic hunger, and if they are on the verge of penetration, calculated that the horn

War-General had announced, and if they are established, broken blade on the blades and had appealed to the bed the poor from the brunt of what is happening to his body exhausted, let alone a woman's body, which combines with all the violence hidden?! Have hundreds of millions of movies Porn cheap, sex channels vulgar , and sometimes sick imagination of some Arab writers, who portray their heroes in the scenes of sex and Romanian as if they were wrestlers, bear the promotion of such violence in sexual intercourse between men and women,

It is violence turns into a fruit Msthap, Excellence for traumatized with each other, fun primary goal itself, which quench libido in a natural and spontaneous, depend on the temperature of the meeting itself, the amount of sexual desire on both sides, not the fantasies of mad violence free it is a very sexual act and their primary means at the .

The phenomenon of sexual violence in our lives, no longer limited to incidents of rape, which impose such violence, because of reluctance of women against rapists in the legitimate, but became a ritual sex between couples sometimes.

And therefore there has been seeking couples from their wives, to play the role of the opposition well, in order to unload men here, all the energy of violence that loves imparted to the exercise of citizenship .. As much as women screaming for help and Mtaohp, as much as men feel Pfholth, which fuels the body and genitals sexual fun

And there became wives, were making the maximum in the highways and, to provoke her husband, to be violent, able to hurt his wife, on the grounds Aroaha and fire extinguishing Shahuanitha!

You have tarnished Movies Porn cheap, deceptive Bembalgadtha, the meaning of sexual desire, with all the carrying of thirst naturally looking for the rim, and all bear the rush of the draft gives the act of sexual vitality, and turned it into violence craved based on the meaning of meanings on the act of rape, and the thrill of intrusion aggressive overwhelming .. And thus turned sex with all their love and intimacy to the act of mechanical aggression, fear, crazy Bhoajsh suffer, and ambiguous despise the pleasure of poetry and tenderness, languishing in our subconscious, and the critical imagination of sexual


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