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How to get women into the depths of pleasure in the exercise of love

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to get women to the utmost pleasure in the exercise of love

Special exercises to achieve the fitness of sexual and deepen the sense of excitement and responsiveness, with regard to the feelings of attachment to sensual pleasure in the marital cohabitation is gaining the emotional bond between men and women of particular importance. However, the impact of sexual fitness also in this regard. Fitness linked to women's sexual body proper integrated and muscle strength politicians that many do not know, but an effective contribution to deepening the sense of sexual pleasure.

The following six tips to help increase the sense of sexual pleasure for women in marital cohabitation:

1. Strengthen the muscles of control in the vagina (Kegel muscles) there is a group of muscles that extend from the front of the pubic bone to the left and takes Pftani vagina and anus. The stronger these muscles the greater the severity orgasm during peak (Aorgazem orgasm), and these muscles, called Kegel muscles, or muscles of the PC. To strengthen these muscles imagine they want women locked the flow of urine in the bathroom. In this case Kegel muscles to contract for a few seconds and then return to diastole. And reiterates the process of women's depression, which is in the clouds to the top and inside. After that women resort to the extension of these muscles. And continue the process of the numerator and the arrest for three seconds and repeat several times for up to 25-30 times. It can be an exercise Kegel muscles while standing or sitting or Aladjaa twice as three times a day.

2. Activate the muscles of the uterus the uterus is a hollow pear-shaped in the womb of women. Uterine contractions and could deepen a sense of euphoria to the female. If women were able to control the muscles of the uterus, the uterus can lift to the top during intercourse, exposing the back of the vaginal canal before the payment movements and pressure to a member of the reminder. The reason is that the final part of the vagina very sensitive part for women. Some women feel the pleasure of a tyrant when you stimulate this area during sexual intercourse with males. And to strengthen the muscles of the uterus should be the first to know the woman's place. The classic way is to take women's status which is where the deficit (by bringing the gym - that is crippling) also makes the uterus settles over the vagina. If the woman has returned to a normal lie, they may feel the presence of air moving out of the vagina. This is the feeling that women want to repeat the lower abdominal muscle strain. During the process of screwing women imagine that the process of inhalation and exhalation is done through the vagina. This contraction and relaxation allowed to open the back of the vaginal cul de sac during sexual intercourse. And repeat the process of tension and relaxation ten times a day. Note that with any position (sitting as they stand Aladjaa) is appropriate, but that Aladjaa is the most comfortable.

3. Good breathing is useful for provoking sexual Experts say it is impossible to feel aroused if there was a halt it is slower in the process of breathing. This, unfortunately, what do many women in the exercise of love, without being aware of it when you approach the peak. This should a woman have to change the method of breathing with gradually approaching the top of the orgasm. As that is the way we breathe can raise the degree of comfort to the female during the peak with the above. It is known that the diaphragm is a thin muscle curved over the abdominal cavity. It grows with the deep breathing, and this is an excellent way to extend it. For a woman to sleep on her back and her hand on her stomach. Interesting and begin to slowly until the abdomen is filled with air, and begin to exhale slowly as well. It must be noted a hand go up and down on the abdomen. And continue the process of slow breathing with the stomach filling with air and then return to normal breathing for several minutes, then repeat the exercise several times.

4. Strengthen the abdomen and the lower part of the back muscles to strengthen and extend the abdomen and the lower part of the back and crippling help improve the situation of the basin to achieve the best sexual pleasure for women. Women may be lying on her back and legs and commends the two arms raised. In this case, shorten the vaginal canal. If women have resorted to reducing the crippling muscle with the assistance of the bottom of the back, the front wall of the vagina will be reduced to meet a member recalled. This helps the user to achieve maximum penetration and fondling a sore point within the vagina in place of the center of the pubic bone and cervix. And activate these muscles help women lower on the knowledge of the time when tight. It is known that the tightening of muscles, reduces women's sense of the pleasure of meeting with the above. If the spinal cord stretched to the women, it is impossible to do gestures and payment circular movements over a member of feminization, and movements that increase the feeling of pleasure during sexual intercourse. Experts advise women to work on her back with her legs bend and leave a space between her feet equal to the distance between the shoulders. And increase women's pelvis to the top and then lower it down so crippling rises from the earth. And repeat this exercise 20 times. It is advisable to move your hips left and right, as if women play a "hula-hop" (a circular disk can be kept in place around the middle to move the waist and hips). It can perform this exercise once it twice a day.

5. Activate the quadriceps (thigh at the front) play a quadriceps muscle in the top of the thigh a key role in the situation of a particular nationality for women "like the status of Knight," which is where women Ridings men during intercourse. This is the best position to raise a point of G G-spot in the vagina and other sensitive parts of the feminization Kalpzer member and the back of the vaginal cul de sac. The best exercise to activate the quadriceps muscle is to stand at a distance of two feet from the wall (to be back on the wall). Curtsey and then to touch the back wall. And gradually slip back to the wall with bent knees to the thighs are parallel with the floor of the room. The women continue on this position for 30 seconds, and long-term gradual. To be up to a minute to two minutes and then in a "sit".

6. More flexibility in the lower members of the more reluctant than women to be more flexibility in the pelvis, legs and thighs and the lower part of the back the more its ability to bend and volatility and the rotation in order to achieve maximum pleasure in communion with the husband. This program is based on the tide and the discouragement of work to relax major muscle group, which plays a vital role in intimacy. And only women that will reveal that the fun intercourse and orgasm maximum is closely linked to physical flexibility


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