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Fun and excitement in the exercise of love

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Many couples do not know how or how creativity while planning to double the fun and pleasure in their married life, especially the practice of love!

Here are some ways to make love?

1 - the movement of reception, but many are old and unaware of them:

When you see what your husband out of the window or my reputation Orsidi voices coming to him at the door, if entered frying have to have a surprise.

And ask him to close his eyes and long (provided there is a great deal and a history of love, or there is the eternal love you)!

Important: When close his eyes: kiss kiss Sdwooukp and hot on his mouth, and you can put your hand lightly on the sensitive area.

They can be playing the same movement of the husband rather than the wife of any husband who has a sudden and accepts his wife!

Taking care to put his hand in the back!! The best!!

2 - the role of the nearness and the pillow in bed:

Common types:

* Sexual intercourse and the wife was lying on her stomach and her husband from behind, but many do not know how to successfully complete this science, when you want to do so:

- Put on the bed and pillow rectangular and a height of less than Shirin and be the kind of extreme for at least height and are bent comfortably so as not to hurt women, may need a bottle of water large and with water in a warm place drawing closer on the pillow, and then carrying the time on the pillow and drawing closer to lift the center , so everything is a prominent and exciting, then the role of drawing closer to trouble in the clitoris, and there is wisdom in grading the pillow and drawing closer and put them in the right place, and you can contact the stronger women's hands instead of massaging the clitoris 00 and you can wrap the legs in a spiral pattern you are, and so continue to love between the spouses

3 - most people do not know about sleep unwind with sex and love; and there are many settings and multi-l

- When you access to the middle of foreplay in the exercise of love, or ask more of them that sleep in the manner the number one is lying on Agafaa and you're above, Askonowa; relax completely .. Or movement, but the sound of the Two .. Must be a sense of weight, as if there is honey very heavy pours in all your body .. And put your head in the place of comfort her off as a pillow next to her face or cheek to cheek .. It is important that everything should be comfortable and not sound pressure, not only the dim light.

If Ocdetm process these Toultm Sensing of comfort and relaxation and sleep for a period of not less than 20 minutes to more Stharan pleasure fills every atom in your body, and are both to your body all Osubhtma one-piece harmony, and everything has become in the body in very thrilled, I mean the whole body for joy like the thrill of sensitive areas, you can then follow path as you want.

- Can be for spouses the owners of the heavy weight or who are unable to flag first work of the same process but on Junbehma with a tie comfortable rubber (Krbtp abdomen) of the damage around them from the center altogether, and put pressure on the buttocks and Chbkhma strongly in each other, taking into account that the situation is comfortable non-compressor to be Trance relaxation process in 2000 such as sleeping delicious!!

- Also, if the wife is much lighter and a huge pair can be from the top is

5 - most people do not mastered the art of massage the muscles to Wife: for example, notes that the wife impotence or chilled light can massage certain buttons in the body:

Kokaddmin brilliantly in each foot piece of covering all areas of ablution in the foot.

As well as the entire hand to the elbow!! As well as the left ear (I believe), knees and eyes and in view of the arts.

And the husband does not lose sight of (electricity practice), a sometimes biting gently on areas of the neck and a slight during foreplay and even at the top of the practice that makes fun electrical surge in the woman's body, especially if playing with the timing shred of regret.


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