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Problems of disability for the wedding night

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deficit problem for the wedding night

There are many marital problems of nationality, and one of these problems is the ED especially the "wedding day", which is a big problem and frequent psychological effects large; so I loved going there. Since I serve in the treatment of ED, I saw a lot of men in all ages , from whom he has an organic cause of weakness, such as: men in the years of advanced age, and the owners of diabetes, and some injured spine. and some of them dating back causes psychological stress and tension, anxiety and similar reasons are summarized under the name of "psychological reasons" which include inter alia the subject of our conversation in this place. Thanks to God Almighty, and thanks to advances in this field has become the treatment of most cases of ED is possible, regardless of its causes. The problem is lack of awareness of the possibility of treatment - and easily - with specialists, and the reluctance of men to seek treatment, with admission going to the prosecutor capacity hacks and charlatans, and their rejection in At the same time go to the doctor, and some cases in which I will discuss continued suffering of between seven months to seven years, and wife forbearing chaste suffer in silence. a lot of cases that comes to me is it treated, and ending their problem to safety after a few hours, yes .. a few hours; therefore allay the anxiety of my patient, and give him medical treatment or psychological, and then returned back to normal and end days of failure no matter how long or short. The thinking in matters of connectivity and magic in view of God in the book we find that the weapon the devil is whispering inspiration, and magic only suggestion to others that things have changed their nature, even if the magic reality of the witches are the richest people. The question of linkage is a psychological issue can be treated easily, even if the devil and the jinn and beyond, but to do the jinn and the devil - as previously explained - simply and Sousse and suggestion, not a binding material also comes to mind other. "What they could not thus harm of only one God," the truth of God Almighty. Go back to the causes of the problem that I eat here a deficit on the wedding day: You may return to the causes of the problem when you when the bride or groom, or social reasons. First, when a man reasons: - Before day of the wedding: The wedding day is a day of fatigue and exhaustion, especially as a lot of wedding accessories are done in the last days leading to fatigue of the bridegroom. may hear the groom of some of his friends for the failure on the first night, because it "tied" or other so freaking the atmosphere and make it instinctive natural, such as the exam is difficult, which increases anxiety, and thus weaken erection and fail the first attempt, suggesting to the bridegroom that he is incapable and give in to that, and more than doubled the day. rarely find genuine reasons when the young lead to weaknesses such as high milk hormone (prolactin) , or the lack of male hormone (testosterone) and here we again emphasize the importance of consulting a doctor without hesitation or embarrassment .- wedding day: the main reason for failure is "ignorance" of how cohabitation by the spouses which leads to the failure of the first attempt, and increasing weakness in the following attempts. Here, too, need to say that Tabut men and leaving about the ethics of Islam and chastity and "adventures" during adolescence, before marriage does not mean he does not face this problem, but it may be uncontrollable cause of disability in practice the actual pure legitimate, and that is a long conversation last. II causes in women: The main reason is repeated if the bride is the reason is fear, which leads to lack of cooperation from the wife with the husband, to ignorance and lack of awareness of the mother of the bride, and the silence on this matter, and failure to enlighten her the truth matters, leaving the imagination to innocent to misconceptions or gossip Alsoihbat who allege know-how . Fear can be so great that the wife does not allow a man approached, and shrinking muscles and scream whenever they were approached by, a situation known as a result of increased sensitivity associated with pain and fear, and in such a case, we find that the groom is on a visit to the doctor where he could not consummate his marriage, and as this failure is enough to frustrate the attempts of men in the following, but during the examination and discussion recognizes the doctor on the case, and starts treating the first wife instead of husband. This case is the most difficult situation we are facing and need to be a doctor expert in such cases, adding to the understanding of the parents of the situation and the need for patience and to leave things to nature and time. Another reason is repeated which give away the bride in the days of the menstrual cycle "during menstruation," and that the problem is that the groom can not enter after the end of these days, so I would advise all mothers not to Izvo bride until after the end of the session is in the best case. Social reasons: most notably some customs associated with access to the blood of virginity and Flaunt it, and visit family group on the day of the morning, which puts a challenge in front of the couple and that puts pressure on Oasabhma, although it would leave naturally and take a day or two so familiar with the couple to each other and Itarafa gradually on their bodies there is no problem, Thus, we leave the space and time - for those who Ihtajhma - Yanes to couple to each other, and newcomers to the housing Kamal in love and mercy


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