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Commendable jealousy and jealousy Bad behavior

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Commendable jealousy, jealousy Bad behavior

What miserable women jealous and the most miserable of her life, one expert said: "I had a girlfriend many doubts, very jealous, if her husband went out, or hit a date, or talk on the phone, or edit a message, or ways of thinking, or seemed Mnscherha, or send a smile , I realized that there was a woman!! Etgar: "God is jealous and envious of the insured, and jealous God to the believer comes what Allah has forbidden."

He supervised the people and most senior mettle, hardest jealousy believer who is jealous in the place of jealousy, had approved his Lord in one of His attributes, and agreed with him in the character of which was the capacity Bzmamh and entered him and toward his mercy. Where this guidance from the many men today who have been deprived of jealousy, We see them putting their wives, daughters and sisters in the streets and roads adorned decorations to be exposed to them for thieves and symptoms Inhishohn!

The oddity of jealous women narrated coolant from Ishaq ibn al-Fadl al-Hashemi said: "I had ongoing and very existence, you, and I called my cousin in it. While I am of the night on the bed, offering me mentioned, came down on the bed I want, as it was on my way to Dgtini scorpion, she went back to bed quickly and I'm royalty. Vantbht my cousin and she asked me about myself, that the scorpion to Frvatha Degni.

She said: "Top the bed you are bitten by scorpion?! I said no, "said Speak honestly News, Voalmtha laughed and sang:

Dare Nam and if its population live by the border Scorpio

If Ram is a need for negligence, the watch hands move

Jawareha then called and said: "She resolved to kill a scorpion on you this year!!

It tells about the intensity of jealous women that a man was lying to the side a woman, went to the room, Fjama going for him, Fastnnbht women not seen him, went out, and there he was on the belly of the current, so she went back, I took a knife, went out with men in the case, and found his wife the knife said to her, : What news?! She said the news?! The grandmother when the current, I came with a knife to avenge both of you!

The man said: what you need! You are dreamy intensity of drowsiness and sleep. She said: "Yes! Islam has forbidden us to read the Koran as he read the side flow.

This was the illiteracy of women do not distinguish between the Qur'an and other, Voncdha:

Came to us the Messenger of Allah, reading his book as a publication of the morning loomed bright

Arana guidance after blindness by Mouknat Our hearts that what he said and the reality

That goes against his side, sleeping on his bed, if the unbelievers Astthaglt beds

She said: "I believe in God and lied to my sight. Have been deceived by the trick. And the meaning that goes against his side on the bed: the bed and step down for the prayer in the belly of the night and the attributes of the faithful.

Commendable jealousy

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim said: Allah and His Messenger Vmahb jealous God and His Messenger, to the extent of his love and paid tribute, but during the heart of the jealous God and His Messenger, he is cleared of love, and claims that it is loving. Lied of the alleged love is loved by the people. He sees other violates the sanctity of his beloved ... And belittle the right, and insignificant. It is not jealous of that. But his heart cold, how true for Abdul claims God's love, and jealous of his mahram if violated. If not for his rights were lost. And lower sections A, jealous of him and the devil himself! Vaegar the darling of negligence in his case, and the commission of sin. If Trahlt this jealousy of the pulp Trahlt love him, but leave him to religion! And the effects remained.

This jealousy is out of jihad and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, a carrier, it is devoid of the heart was struggling not enjoin what is good not forbid what is evil. It only comes so jealous of him to his Lord, so to make God Almighty mark beloved Jihad, God said: (O ye who believe you turns back from his religion will come God some people love them and love humble towards believers, the unbelievers are struggling for the sake of Allah and do not fear anybody as long as it Fadl-Allah which He bestows on whom He wills and Allah is Knower, broad).

Signs of jealousy Praised

Aversion to enter between loving sincere, and the beloved and this mystery _ and God knows _ command of the Prophet may Allah bless him and his family peace and cold pass-through in the hands of praying until something Baktale, and told that if knows what a burden of sin would have been standing for forty is better than passing between his hands.

Can not find the pain of traffic and measuring only heart present in the hands of his beloved, kissed it, she has gone Gentiles him and him, running into passing between him and his Lord is like entering nasty loving and beloved, and this is, the ruler of the taste, not only denies it did not taste.

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: the jealousy of what he loves God, and what God hates them, either jealousy Jealousy is loved by God in suspicion, and the jealousy that God hates Jealousy is not in doubt.

What is the greatest directing this talk, how was the jealousy of ignorance if this is the expression of jealousy or suspicion is also in the Messenger, peace be upon him and his family and the cause of the misery of the family.

It is the duty of each spouse should be wise demeanor does not make the suspicion and mistrust in front of him in his heart, his life and Viekr entity threatens his family devastation as a result of misgivings and devilish whispers and a bug in the instinct of acquisition.

I would advise the couple, especially if they are religious people that really let each other room to control his Creator and to hold his own conscience, do not disturb each other happiness of the family jealous, especially if he passes the limits of Islam and to avoid View positions love sexual erotic and moved away from mixing with men, women and others, as away of the wife by the shamelessness that introduces doubt and uncertainty in the same pair conscious. I take this opportunity to point out that jealousy in the non-recurrent suspicion, and the frequent harassment of the husband or wife may be tempted if the other party was weak self lost faith in the commission of taboos, beware.

Wrote one of them says: women should be a lawyer defending her husband for him, not an intelligence officer always ask when entering the house: Where were you, what I did, why was delayed, from an interview, what would you say .. Spoke frankly.

To other questions that make marriage a living hell.

And sang some of them in jealousy.

What better time and jealousy in the jealousy in the worst is when

Still accused of not following the wedding it, because the misgivings

Is about to tempt them to Him who is afraid that highlighted for the eyes

Sufficient for the vaccinated and put you to display correctly and religion

Does not challenge you on suspicion coupled with a rope follows the spouse

Jealousy of the wonders of the poet's words:

I attacked you from the eyes of vendors roses in your cheeks

Of pitchy hair thick axial Kallil Msdodla until your shoulders

Breakthrough when the magic of your lips

The Messenger of God forbade the man to knock the e family at night and asks Itkhounhm missteps.

And conclude this topic by analyzing the word "jealousy" and distinguish between them and Mahmoud blameworthy. Jealousy, like other mental illnesses kill the owner, impeding the balance, and disturbed his rope and his disturbed emotional and faces up his body and his mental degenerate, and less production ....

And jealousy, such as feelings of inferiority, not too bad, in normal circumstances, as it is a matter of self-defense and Oazaa normal for a competitive, ambitious and ride aboard the HH and hopes this is the original, but they are like all other qualities and natures and tendencies of good may become a disaster for the marked by the Vtbtc by ruthless If the wronged.

It is unfortunate that most of what they call the marital jealousy, which often leads to the citizen owners of doom and misery, but to commit suicide and murder and stand in front of the gallows These are often jealousy is not unfounded


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