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Kama Sutra positions for sexual intercourse from the Department of married life

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

وضعيات كاماسوترا للجماع

Kama Sutra positions and the "Kama Sutra" for sexual intercourse Kama Sutra, an ancient book found in India, explains the origins and techniques of sex, which ancient manuscripts of the rare talk about sex openly, but some of the ancient Kama Sutra positions and games like the complex and sometimes impossible. But the author of Kama Sutra Little Anna Semsrz able to draw modern methods and explained in a simplified manner for each person who loves to live a renewed sex life.

Lotus position:

Lotus is the lounge classic yoga. And lends itself beautifully to this deep hugs. Loved ones sit facing one another on a bed or mat, with a stare at the faces and bodies of each other to promote enthusiasm. The man sitting with his legs crossed at the ankle, with a view of his penis and then used his hand to increase the hardness of his penis. The obtuse partner to sit with him in her arms and legs Packaging on the back. Instead of moving up and down, bend the woman herself and used the vaginal muscles for the work of contractions in succession, with further movement of the tub enough to keep his penis erect, but without raising enough so as not to close to the peak.

Hug the water and milk:

This starts with the meeting, loving embrace enhance intimacy and warmth. On a comfortable chair where a man can sit comfortably, with pillows to support Imakan necessary, obtuse woman sitting on his lap, and away with him a little. The man wrapped his arms and caress genital region. While you are under the guidance of his fingers placements Tchaaraa thrilled. While the rest of his penis between her buttocks, the muscles are cut to raise. When you feel excited, raise itself above it a bit and lowered itself. Here lies the gentle movement of hugs tightly: orgasm can be achieved through the shaking and payment. You can get tired is because of the pressure on her thighs, because they need to raise and to download the same to control the depth and boost penetration.


This is one of the first positions mentioned by the Kama Sutra is ideal for beginners while enhancing intimacy and excitement quickly, and allow full body contact with the pause and comfortable for both partners. Astelkie on the side, with one of you changes the face of the other. See that deep into the eyes of each other and Atrka Worth noting the extremities. The legs are separated somewhat, to allow him to enter her vagina. Can be lifted her thigh to the thigh of her lover over the top, to increase the density and depth. Can also modify the intensity of entry to lift her leg or download. If you want a little more foreplay can raise himself on his knees, while it remains on its side with the lifting of one leg on his thigh.

Site Salt:

Sitting on his knees on the bed a lie down and lift her knees to her chin, even when they enter, the feet on both sides of his head or chest. Bofajazha stick or legs, holding a Burkh. Lie down and lift her feet to his chest and knees to shoulders. Panama must be careful when you enter, the extent vagina becomes shorter and a sense of sharp. Necessary for women to be bold and tell your partner what you like and how it can enter without causing pain. Using her feet, can be raised or stop it. And can be moved and hip from side to side while holding her ankle or her thighs to help increase its grip upon him.

Hump camel:

Stand is based on the wall or stick with something like the edge of the window or the edge of the bed for support. Standing behind her and bends his legs so he could enter the rear. Both should Ihania legs even find a comfortable position and gently bounce to notify the peak. This situation needs some time to get used to it, even if I found some difficulty Vialtoazin, it can bend is so that is comfortable to enter


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