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Understanding of when your wife!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Every one wants to understand his wife and wants to take his wife to speak sweet pleasure to hear that .. And when I became a man without a mind, you forfeit your wife .. Which is the waist and not the other complementary pieces you denounce them as animals do not consider them only when your experience and contact Nationality .. They waist the other in this life .. Understanding wife and the emotional installed fine .. You need to move away from the cruelty they are the cause of the misery of all the houses .. And ethics Albziip ostracized by the Islamic religion .. When you think you'll be held accountable for your wife to be held accountable for yourself first humans and they may skip you are not the cause of falling into the mistakes and prohibited ..

The man who seeks to understand the feelings of his wife and consider her sake is a successful man .. A husband who is attached to all the girls their future without fear .. Because they know they marry him a man brought up on religion and the Sunnah of the Prophet upon him blessings and receipt .. Good treatment and good cohabitation make the relationship endure all the love and harmony without the drawbacks and each is trying to relieve the other .. As far as he could

Pair failed .. Is that a spouse who viewed women as a piece of complementary and his aggressive roars by, and there in the jungle bush does not know that caught his breath It has the words beautiful and heart-warming and make the atmosphere between the sort of romantic and sweet words that bring hearts and make their lives happy and their relationship to intimate. . .


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