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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Syphilis venereal disease is contagious and chronic disease of all parts of the body as it occurs with various injuries with multiple images, a cause of microbe spiral shaped Treponema pallidum is similar to the thin line and transmitted infection in most cases through sexual contact directly between the patient and proper in a few cases may occur infection by using some Tools patient scattered or toilets as a mother infected with the disease may also be passed to the fetus through the umbilical cord.

What are the symptoms?

Syphilis syndrome is characterized by a long incubation period ranging between 9-90 days, and in most cases last between two to three weeks, and is known for this disease has three roles:

The first round of Primary syphilis is the venereal ulcer (Schenker chancre)

And has known characteristics appear in most cases on the genitals in men and women if the infection through sexual contact, may appear in other places away from the genitals, such as tongue and throat, lips and fingers of the hand and breast cancer in women, or around the anus and these ulcers always alone does not occur any pain and that there are no clean and secretion accompanied by enlarged lymph nodes related without pain felt by the patient. And stay the duration of the ulcer is 6-12 weeks which followed the emergence of the second round of the disease.

The second is Secondary syphilis rash

Characterized by its spread to all parts of the body, turquoise, copper and dark wound similar accommodation and not have any pain from it, but elevated a little in temperature and a headache constant does not affect the headache medications, and there are different types of the rash have special specifications for each type of which is the most important type granuloma that appears in the form of tag with leather-smell the middle covered with ulcers small produce pus, full of microbes, syphilis, and accompanied by rash blisters opening the mouth and inside the lips and up to the tonsils and throat, where ulcerate and occur severe pain is noted in this role, enlarged lymph nodes in all parts of the body and a fall in the hair of the head and the pain of the joints and bones are similar to rheumatic pains.

It is characterized role of positive serum test of syphilis in all cases and is considered more serious roles in the infection even through touch, and after a period which may extend to two months disappear all of these symptoms and appears on the patient that he had recovered, however, microbes have been able to the body and called this period of syphilis The latent period ranging between two or more depending on the body's resistance to the microbe.

Third round is the final round, which spreads the disease to infect all the internal organs such as the circulatory system (causing fibrosis in the heart and dilation of the aorta and arteries medium-sized enterprises, which causes sudden death) and the nervous system (causing madness or different types of paralysis or hearing loss) has been Eye disease leading to blindness as a variety of infections that occur in the bones and joints.

What is the treatment?

Patient treated syphilis with antibiotics such as penicillin and active tetracycline or erythromycin, taking into account non-use of things the patient and the sterilization of clothes and stay away from sexual intercourse until he is sure of the full recovery from the disease for fear of being transferred to others


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