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Things that tear the hymen, what things to tear the hymen

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How do you know the girl herself she is a virgin??

This poses a question many of the girls who live in fear of enormous concern that the hymen may rupture.

We say: "Have you ever had sex? Is something Bmahblk income, whether man rod or anything else?

That the answer is affirmative, you are not virgin. And a specialist doctor can be sure of that. And except that you are a virgin Chty proof to the contrary.

Is it possible to determine the date in which it is torn virginity??
After that attach to the wound, it is impossible to refer to the age of examination or disruption to the date of occurrence. Can only Balummen following the rupture to know that a recent view of the lack of fully wound.
How closed hymen?
Torn hymen at first intercourse. And only with the introduction of anything into the vagina. Whether a man's penis or a finger or anything else.

Do you tear the membrane from the first time or be required several times?
There is no rule. Gelba what is torn apart from the first intercourse. But that was extreme pressure membrane may require several attempts.

What are closed membrane?

Anything enters the vagina. A man's penis, finger or finger. Or any tool for masturbation. Required abduction labia which may bend and cover the membrane.

Do you tear the membrane with water such as shower or Aldavq Rinser?
Probability is very weak. Stream must be very strong. And labia away.

Can cause masturbation / masturbation rupture Babakarp:??
Those who can exercise that masturbation is tearing her virginity that made her finger or any other tool masturbating to the inside of the vagina.

But you can enjoy masturbation the clitoris and labia Bdlk from the outside without causing it any damage to the hymen. Recall that the hymen is located at a depth of 2 cm from the surface of the vagina. Answer to this question also asks for tampering Bfaragha.

Do you tear the membrane sexually State?

Can be enjoyed on the same face annotated masturbation, but the bar man. And that the clitoris and labia Bdlk from abroad, and in the same way by using the finger during Alastnme, but it's not easy, Valotharp severe sexual partners may lose the ability to observe and cohesion, the desire is the desire of instinctive penetration may be difficult to resist.

Can cause itching vulvar rupture of membrane?
Of course not, far from Valashvar virginity.

Do you tear the membrane to fall on the vulva?
Until the membrane ruptures because of the fall must be the girl on something protruding legs and arm's length.

Virginity Balochwer protected. Fall on the vulva, or a shock may directly injure the vagina without tearing the membrane.

Other words, ruptured hymen need to enter something into the vagina. And the probability torn precipitated directly is very enthralled

You can wash virginity when you have sex without disarmament underwear?
It is almost impossible. Rupture of virginity Titalb abduction labia. And access to the vulva, which lies at a depth of 2 cm from the surface of the vagina. In this case rupture of the membrane can not only tear apart the panty.

Possibility of rupture of the membrane during contact without stripping is almost impossible due to the fact that the membrane is at a distance from the labia that cover and protect it from after the clothes.

Do I have to fully enter the penis into the vagina to tear the membrane to be sufficient entry a little bit?

Stated that the hymen is located at a depth of 2 cm from the surface of the labia

Virginity is a veil of natural orifices.

Achtergah that something larger than the aperture size of natural ripped it. If what we call the "little income" is more than 2 cm. Maybe .... I say maybe. This may be may rip the membrane, either enter a whole or that the income of the head. As long as the penis has penetrated the hole is smaller than strong Semsgah regardless of the length of the penis.

The same thing applies to the finger

Can cause rupture of the membrane insertion of fingers directly:?
Because the membrane contains the natural orifices, fingers that can enter through smoothly, without violence and without tearing virginity. It depends on the size of the hole natural, that was wider than the size of the finger may facilitate the passage without resistance, without any damage to the membrane.
But the introduction of numerous finger violently and repeatedly, and is leaning on the edge of the slot may cause a natural tear.

Can cause a rupture of virginity Sports

Everything is possible, but it is very rare possibility. As we said above: the hymen is torn apart when you enter something into the vagina. And the membrane is protected because it is at a depth of 2 cm from the surface of the vagina.

Does this mean exit pollution underwear during blood sport to the membrane may rupture
Of course not, any region may scratch the skin causing the loss of a few Qtra of blood. And may it be the blood of the session, or bleeding women.

Can cause tightening of the labia hymen rupture?
Pull the labia may occur wounds and scratches by the command and causes the loss of a few drops of blood. But it does not tear the membrane and does not Thtkh.

Can cause infections, women's membrane rupture?
Answer: nothing to do with them.

Can cause rupture of the membrane of Pain:?
The vast majority of cases does not cause rupture of virginity, only a sense of viewer does not last more than a moment. This sense did not prevent the billions of women to marry and who started sexual life without any hindrance.

Ms. suffered the first sexual intercourse rarely happens. And that the event is often caused by fear and dread of the first night, this fear, the girl that the contraction of muscles strongly forcing it from the partner to resort to force Wegerhaa penetration.

Partners may suffer from the sexual relationship second, and because of the scratching that occurred during the first relationship. Prefer this situation to wait two or three days or even a week until the wound coalesced.

Does this mean for vulval pain that may rupture the membrane?
Of course not. There are no endings, only a few sensory membrane. And pain caused by pudendal shower or trauma or fall. Of the causes is the last rupture of the membrane. And often result in this pain for trauma is much more sensitive labia of the membrane.

Can cause rupture bleeding?
The vast majority of cases associated with rupture of virginity out a few drops of blood. And in some cases you may get this rip without any bleeding, and without that it pays to doubt the purity of the girl.

And it is very rare that the first intercourse is associated with rupture of the Peoples Republic hymen requires medical intervention for hemostasis of bleeding. And we reiterate that this is very rare.

Virginity does not depend on several drops of blood flowing and may not be flowing at the first intercourse.

And the bleeding does not mean that every time that the membrane may rupture, you may lose her as much or as little of the blood is not concerned with membrane, such as:
Scratch or wound surface
Menstruation came without dates
The ovulation may be associated sometimes with some blood Aldhaiat

May arise during the life of the girl several hormonal disturbances, causing what we call Nzovat functional. This may be no apparent reason may be due to different situations and emotional and mental distress resulting from examinations or family problems.

The emotional meeting interesting incites vaginal secretions, even if it did not get intercourse, you may recite the brown mixed with menstrual blood residue was when the girl gets larger hemorrhages and functional without that we can find out the cause.

All of these reasons lie behind the simple Alenzova that may occur to the girl outside the menstrual period does not unrelated to the membrane of virginity.

You could tear the membrane without bleeding?
Yes, of course. Membrane may be a few bloody ischemia. Or a wide aperture to facilitate passage of the penis torn and without bleeding. That is to say: sometimes the girl a virgin untouched and no bleeding at membrane rupture

Is the resolution of the membrane is easy:?
Strength of the hymen varies from girl to another. Sometimes simple Evdah penetration and expands easily enters the penis without partners feel any resistance, and sometimes it is the membrane more resistant to the degree may require Msaap doctor.

Is there a better position for the resolution of the membrane:?
There is no rule in this regard, the best position is a situation in which his partner relaxes and allows the muscles Bartha.

To avoid Eelam girl could for a man to Ertik the lower zone of the vagina towards the anus. "Referred to the picture on behalf of the Forum vagina back" and is the least painful place for relief. This allows you to stay away from the clitoris during sexual intercourse seethes and becomes very sensitive.

Difficulties in the resolution of the membrane:
The vast majority of cases in which the partners can not complete the first sexual encounter, the reason is fear and muscle spasm that prevents penetration.

Rare cases may be caused by a membrane, high-strength, or congenital malformation to the reproductive system (eg the case and there is a veil, or peritonitis, or the absence of the vagina) and require consultation with a doctor.
Situation of impossibility of penetration of the penis, nothing prevents the command from the experience of entering a finger, or the use of lubricants, whether pharmaceutical or household (a drop of oil or butter)

Is there medical advice after the resolution of the membrane:?
Advises the girl after the first intercourse wash the area with soap and water from the outside. There is no justification for the introduction of the liquid inside the vagina. And advised by drying the area well after washing and with the abduction of the labia without fear. Should not hesitate to consult a doctor that Mrs. continued bleeding or pain after the first relationship.

Is it possible to return the membrane alone:?
Of course not
Can not be repaired rupture of the membrane is not alone and do not use creams and ointments.
The only way that could be just the man that girl's a virgin, is to hold sewing surgery to re-narrowing of the hole was torn up after the first intercourse. And sexual intercourse of a new cause of Ceylon a few drops of blood just the man that the girl was a virgin.

Can a man that knows about the surgical repair?
It's difficult, and requires a sexual partner to have experienced sexual practices.

Does that mean blood flow at the Virgin rupture of membrane.?
Of course not. Blood may be issued by the scratch of a place other than the membrane and may come from inside the vagina, is a functional bleeding may be a girl for some reason or even without reason.
And the form of blood that comes out does not reflect the source and can not say for sure that this blood comes from a ruptured membrane.

Is the membrane is affected by menstrual?
Menopause does not affect on the membrane. But out of the natural ostium. Some rare cases, which give birth to the girl and membrane is pierced, it is causing her menstrual blood pool, which may require surgical intervention.

Can a virgin bear that happened on the vulva ejaculation without penetration?

Chance of getting pregnant that happened ejaculation on the vulva from the outside is very weak, it requires that the defamation had obtained any period of ovulation half of the session. And to be abundant cervical mucus to reach the vagina.


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