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Normal size of penis

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How natural length of the penis? Which works to please the wife ..... Penis size varies from person to person, but as a general rule, the people who make it negotiable concepts of the length of the penis are the concepts of false and have no room in real life just as fertile material for the enrichment of fairy tales and popular jokes that deal with sexual fantasy life.
In fact, based on documented scientific medical studies confirms the following facts:
First: The normal length of the penis to relax during a range of seven to fifteen centimeters centimeters, depending on the temperature of the room.
Second: the natural rate of the length of the penis during the erection of a man somewhere between twelve to seventeen centimeters and centimeters on the sample equivalent to ninety percent of adults.
Third: There are about ten percent of men have a length of the penis to have a shorter or longer than the average. And short length of the penis during erection twelve inches is sufficient and appropriate to the occurrence of sexual intercourse and to enjoy the process of nationality of both spouses.

The longer the length of the penis during erection was recorded scientifically was about twenty-four centimeters.
Fourth: The shorter the penis during relax more in length during erection.
Fifth: It is not to limit the role of the penis in the failure of the citizenship process if long enough to prevent penetration.
VI: It is not the length of the role of the penis to increase sexual pleasure, whether
For men or women, but the reality that imposes itself that the woman does not mean its length of the penis something for to enjoy the process of nationality, to the extent that sometimes harm the length and cause them pain to enjoy the process lost citizenship, as it may affect the ovaries during sexual intercourse and are sensitive to pain, such as the sensitivity of testicles men.
VII: Some therapists that limit the usefulness of the penis where a repetition of his citizenship during the process leads to an increase of women members to raise and enjoyment.
VIII: You need to be measured penis when aroused and well and minute spent by a person trying to take the measure affecting the degree of excitement and less blood flow to the penis and impair erection relatively and the measurement is incorrect, and therefore I doubt any measure gives the liquid that size where the real volume is greater than the measurement because of what I said earlier.
Conclusion: If the length of the penis sufficient to prevent penetration is sufficient to complete the citizenship process, and enjoy them by the parties and sufficient for fertilization to occur if there is no other contraceptive. And lack of interest must be fictional stories and exaggerations in which people transmitted jokes and antics, which aims to satisfy the instincts, and not from the ground share.

And Allah is the Guide to the Straight Path.


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