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Young wife renewed sexual ability of men

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Married 55-year-old man on a girl of 20 years. And ask about his marriage with the wife to inform you of what good Iaabuahmad? Man, everyone shut up I said what? Said Mndhu I got married about 30 years. During the past ten years I felt that my ability Gansipkd is over and you do not copulate my wife in the month, more than twice that were not one because of preoccupation with my wife at home and the children and the lack of interest in the process of sexual between us. Has surrendered to the status quo over the past few years. One day, a place my eyes on the news tells the story of experiment on rats conducted in Britain. I said what? He said: Bring a couple of big rats in age and two young couple in the Age of sexual hormone were measured with the old mouse and found zero% was measured sex hormone I have a young mouse and found 100% Enter the young mouse with a mouse in the old cage. And login with the old mouse young mouse in a cage and left three months. Then were extricated and measurement of sexual hormone in the old mouse and found 100% and found more active and dynamic. Was measured sex hormone in the young mouse and found zero%, which is in a deplorable state lists almost to bear. The man said:

I sat thinking long in this experiment and decided to go into the experience myself a girl and a young girl 20 years old and married, as you know. Praise God prepared my ability to sexual and if I'm still young Azolh almost daily and Tadlt my temper and I feel strong and active than before.

I wished him luck and an invitation to him longevity.

Dear we have the first two trials on animals and the other by man. Is the wife really small Age renewed sexual ability of men?.


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