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Is love stronger after sexual intercourse or before

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

People are different in that some of them have post-coital stronger love and could be proved that kiss, and be like the description of him something appropriate love him, and when he tastes it has the most love and to him the most nostalgic, has proven that the Prophet peace be upon him in an interview with the mystic's Angels Lord Almighty that he asks them about their slaves, and He knows they will say: They are still praising thee and Ihamdonk and Iqdsonk says: Are they saw me? They say: No, he says:

So what if they saw me? Angels says: "If they saw you they would have the most praise and sanctification Thameda and then say: They ask thee Paradise says: Did you saw? Vcolon: No, he says: So what if they saw? Says the angels: "If they saw, they would most have a request and he mentioned the hadeeth 0 and is known to be the love of tasted something appropriate and not be patient with him stronger than the love of not Ivgah, but same-fed him, and affection between the couple and love after intercourse the greatest of which was accepted by 0 and the reason is natural that heart lust mixed with the pleasure of the eye, and if they see eye coveted heart If the body proceeded to the body met lust for the thrill of the heart and thrill the eye and direct, if the difference in this case was the same dispute to the most, and yearning to the greatest as it was said:

Aangaha and restraint after the exciting *** to it and after hugs Tdani

And kiss her mouth, so go away Sbapti *** Victd is delivered from Hayman

And he was not the amount of air that my *** to heal the lips sipping

As if my heart is not a cure Glèlè *** only to see the spirits Tmetzjan

Group II:

She considered that a sour love and sexual intercourse nullifies or weakens it, and you need Bomurmnha:

That sexual intercourse is the purpose for which requests in love so long as the lover asking Fhqh fixed, if arrived at the end spent Torah, and refrigerate the heat application, and Tefit fire of his love 0 said: This is the case with every student to anything if the nail tags, Kzman if Roy and hungry if satiety, there is no meaning to the request After 0 and nail them: he is forbidden by the nail and fond of self-love what prevented him, as he said:

And someone of infatuation in love that prevented *** I love anything to humans what to avoid
He claimed that each was required between the mistress and the lover of his half up to her navel, receive him what he wants of the annexation and kissing and sucking, and the bottom half is haraam for him, and in that folk poet said:

Vllhab absolute halves of hand *** and hubby split is fine impervious

It was for some Arabs: What gain, if any of you with his mistress acetic them? He said: touching and kissing

0 and similar, said: "Do Ittaulan to have intercourse? He said: "my father and mother this is not Avahq

This student was born 0


Discourse between the two teams that fornication spoil and love must end their love to the hostility and hatred as witnessed by sight, all for the love of God is the latest, regardless ...


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