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Dampened sexual desire disorder

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dampened sexual desire disorder

This disorder is an absence or lack of sexual interest and desire sexually with women or men continuously or repeatedly.

What are the reasons?

Sexual desire is a psychosomatic process depends on the effectiveness of stroke or motor planning, which includes sexual aspiration and motivation. And the lack of synchronization that would lead to cooling of desire. And the resulting diminished willingness syndrome usually tired of the sexual relationship or depression (which usually leads to a decrease in sexual pleasure instead of impotence in males and inhibition of arousal for females) or psychotropic drugs and some medicines for the treatment of high blood pressure or hormonal disorders. It may be a diminished willingness to secondary due to disorder in sexual function. The lack of lasting peace in the levels of sexual desire is linked to the events of childhood or adolescence, or suppress sexual fantasies, or sometimes lack the level of androgens androgens (male hormones), and is low levels of testosterone testosterone 300 mg / 100 mm in the male and 10 mg / 100 mm in the female of the possible causes.

What are the symptoms?

Be patient complaint of lack of sexual pleasure even in cases of normal erection, and is usually accompanied by the strike with a lack of effective nationality. This often leads to marital differences, but some patients are often dissatisfied with their partners Bfalithm Nationality, and may not show any difficulty in performance, but continue to suffer from sexual inactivity.

But if the reason for this is the result of boredom, the repetition of practice with a partner decreases the familiar, but be a natural sexual desire, or even more (in real or imaginary) with another partner.

How Alamaalhp?

Trend in treatment is to remove the cause or improvement (such as marital disputes, depression, dysfunction, or change the drugs) and sometimes give a testosterone deficiency in androgens


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