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Is there a Man Without a Past

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Once you enter the marital pair to the world must end its relations with the former even do not affect the marriage .. His experience before marriage will not be held fully accountable, and Maihacb it is a continuation of past experiences, even after marriage, why do Aictvi husband's love for his wife and picked up enough that his love and yearning, rather than the distribution of emotions on others ..
Do you honestly said that the heart of the wife the husband only nine room, while the heart of the husband's group of nine rooms to host a lot and all the love and openness ..
Marriage is not only nominally but enter under penalty of actions and a commitment to ..
What Setsvid of the establishment of multiple relationships and persistence in these relations, even to become his mistress and the wife like the other have all the rights that are supposed to be the wife only ..
Vestmta all means and ways of others are permissible even to see him to convince himself that Berkshire Hathaway should work ..
Where to close the Covenant which has been associated since the his involvement in his wife ..
Do you parked, or fling them into oblivion ...
Worse still, after all this blame the wife if Mathjrt her feelings towards him, and demanded that the tender and he alone, while he is blowing his feelings to others tirelessly ..
Why Aiusband the man himself, and he knows that the wife has rights and duties is most important to be faithful to it, as long as is expected fidelity of his wife??
If the alienation of the wife and not love is the work of Madfh illicit relations is better to let his wife is not entitled to the desecration of his life and her life ..
Time, perhaps offset by her man, takes into account the rights and God-fearing in ..
Mazkrth quality and I did not men as a whole but generally allocated a certain part ..
While waiting for the reply and all the sincerity of the men to these questions


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