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Health benefit and convenience of psychological practice Nationality 100%

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Usefulness of physical and psychological health of the practice Nationality

Ndkr here the legitimate exercise of any sex by marrying only

My view, there is a fundamental difference between men .. And women .. In the marital relationship - the man gives love to get sex - and women give sex to get love for this suffering wives sexually disadvantaged Without Borders and it also deprived emotionally.

I was contacted Mrs. Rania by telephone complain of insomnia, headache, nervousness, anxiety and screaming for her children and the loss of the monthly food and fatigue for no reason, I asked her about her marriage, she said she felt miserable because her husband became abandoned in bed recently for several months, especially after the birth ..

I asked her about her marital sexual in the past .. She said she had enjoyed a relationship nationality regular daily with her husband but is very concerned and afraid that his mistress confidential or wife customary Aftmontha that may be infected with impotence emergency medical reasons such as pressure or diabetes, or psychological stress or professional pressure or concern material and promised to write about the ten secrets which alienated her from sexual intercourse.

The wife complained to me Katja Bavp twenty very pretty graceful and elegant of pelvic pain and menstrual disorders, loss of hair, withered skin after years of marriage after her husband's sexual desire waned and ask for the latest sexual stimulant .. She says she suffered from chronic depression and neurological going on.

And dozens of wives disappointed in various parts of the Arab world call up to me or sent faxes and e-mails complaining of psychological and physical disorders due to sexual problems and we we say to them to their questions - because of sexual deprivation in women causes health disorders and emotional and psychological. And the exercise of citizenship provided that the marital relationship old has many benefits for mental health as confirmed by the latest research Nationality American World - The director of the Institute sexual health at Harvard University that the sexual relationship of regular help to achieve many health benefits, including: first treatment of insomnia at night intercourse best disk Hypnotic - Second calm anxiety and cure depression - Third orgasm best treatment for depression, psychological and the best way to enjoy life - IV sex relieves menstrual disorders and hospital pain and dysmenorrhea - V. Gender regular help to shine the skin and freshness - VI recognizes one of the American women that the lack of sex leads to a loss hair and brittleness of this is keen to have sex regularly, which helps to preserve the beauty of her hair and gives it growth and sparkle - VII intercourse regular regulates the menstrual cycle and is secreted hormone Albroomstrn which increases the fertility of the wife barren - VIII heal sex muscle pain because it leads to relax deep muscle - IX Aleorgazem best treatment for back pain and tells the story of Marisa a French girl that she was complaining of severe pain her back and when I had sex with her husband, "Dan" disappeared pain immediately after the two-and attribute doctors, however, that sexual intercourse helps the secretion of the hormone Alandrvin killer pain better than aspirin and thus affirm the American female researcher, Dr. Judith Sachs author of the book - the healing power of sex - the healing power of sex. And explain the mystery of the healing of muscle pain after sex to help Aleorgazem Alistraha muscular deep sleep feeling pleasure super smashes pain. X. sex is better than exercise or diet Diet - It helps to stimulate blood circulation and strengthen muscles - eleventh sexual activity strengthen the functions of the immune system, accelerating the recovery of Alonflonzp and influenza papyrus - twelfth think Erica researcher U.S. that sex is good for health and cures most ills psychosomatic from acid indigestion and pain, headaches, tension and insomnia whispers and strengthen the immune system - thirteenth sex strengthens the muscular system, says Dr. Cutler that it prevents osteoporosis in women after menopause because it helps the secretion of the hormone estrogen and sex also delays aging formal among women in the age of forty .

Sex protects against breast cancer

Said Dr. Judith Sachs that sex helps the body in the secretion of hormones and chemicals that enhance the T-cells T-cell resistance to breast and cervical cancer

Intercourse cure heart disease

He says researchers U.S. that the practice of sexual intercourse and sexual satisfaction fully cures all diseases resulting from stress, whether headache or sister or indigestion or stomach ulcer or pain neck fertility problems or heart disease, because intercourse is enhanced saturation helps to relax muscular and nervous and this will help the practice of sexual healing spells Migraine violent after the failure of all sedatives ..

Sex strengthens creative thinking and studies have confirmed that sex bemoaned the gap between the left and right brain, which strengthens the queen of creative thinking that ideas abound for women men of genius inventors after orgasm .. Because it will lead to rise without limits to the unlimited world of thought. And acknowledged to me one of the beautiful women that sex is the best fun to have it Tchaaraa as unloved and unwanted by her husband - a testament to the power of beauty and as exciting and glamorous to her husband for this is very sad after he cooled his desire and does not know that there is an equation says Baby Come Sex Go tireless desire after the birth of this the heart-rending grief of these wives secretly tormented and deprived of the pleasure of sexual gratification full and adored wives and widows or divorced women but psychologically because of their husbands abandoned them and not knowing the extent of his wife need him emotionally and sexually


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