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Sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive - Q & A (2)

Q: Does the presence of both testes is necessary for the production of sperm Ahoinat?

A: It is not necessary to have both testicles, it is God to man that one testicle and sometimes if a quarter of testicular function in a manner sufficient to produce the sound Hoinat sperm capable of fertilization process, as well as produce enough male hormone.

Q: Do you move Ahoinat sperm from the testicles directly to the outside after ejaculation?

A: Ahoinat produce testicular sperm are transmitted to the payment method Albraik and then to the seminal vesicle, and remain stored there until the process occurs libel to come out to the outside drenched in semen.

Q: How long can live Ahoinat sperm inside the uterus?

A: You can stay alive for 48 hours.

Q: If what is required for the process of insemination of the egg and sperm Hoin one then why require the presence of millions of Ahoinat?

A: Although there are those millions of Ahoinat pipes does not reach the "tubes" the wife but dozens of them, as most of them die and Ahoin remains, which penetrates the egg and causes the process of pollination.

And the existence of such numbers of Ahoinat necessary, despite her death. As the effects of these enzymes Ahoinat and other materials necessary to feed Hoinat remains alive and without it can not complete the march.

Q: What is the speed Ahoin sperm in the womb? And when the up pipe?

C: the speed of sperm Ahoin shifty about 25 per second. And up the fallopian tubes within two hours. The speed depends on the acidity and the presence of vaginal or not infections or congenital malformations or Milan vagina.

It was found that the speed increase in the alkaline of the vagina, it is advisable to work sometimes shower vaginal sodium bicarbonate, which gives a compromise alkaline.

Q: Since the testes produce sperm Ahoinat So where consists of the liquid that comes out when the process of ejaculation?

A: The prostate produces 30-60% of the semen and the rest in the seminal vesicle.

Q: Does it affect inflammation of prostate and seminal vesicle on the Ahoinat sperm?

A: The influence inflammation largely on Ahoinat sperm, and that the impact of the toxins produced by bacteria, or the impact of those infections on sperm which lose many of the qualities necessary, or direct impact on the reproductive glands such as prostate or seminal vesicle that you might not secretion of very important elements to nourish sperm.

Q: Will genital infections to infertility?

A: Some sexually transmitted diseases especially gonorrhea and syphilis can cause infertility. It may affect the seminal vesicles and lead to a lock or to the fibration and the destruction of the testis so that you can not perform its functions and thus lead to infertility, and some sexually transmitted diseases may affect the ovaries or channels (tubes) leads to fibrosis and lock, and thus causing infertility in females.

Q: Some may complain that one of the testicles is not on the same level as the other in the scrotum, Is this satisfactory?

A: The left testicle usually hangs over the right because they are relatively heavier, because the amount of blood that they received more from that link right testicle, a testicular weight of the 12-20 gm and a length of about 4 cm and width 2 cm.

Q: Does it affect Ahoinat varicocele on sperm?

A: Varicose Bal_khasip raise the temperature of the testicles and thus affect the movement Ahoinat sperm may also lead to her death.

Q: What is the treatment of varicocele?

A: advises the patient using a bag special to lift the scrotum and put packs of ice or use a special device so the area of varicose veins twice a day for a quarter of an hour, especially in today's fourteenth and fifteenth of the beginning of menstruation for a girl (the period of potential for the descent of the egg) as these the period in which fertilization occurs. If the situation does not improve sperm Ahoinat then advised to conduct a process of varicose. And often occurs during pregnancy, God willing.

Q: What is the function of seminal vesicles?

A: The seminal vesicles are not only warehouse store tags Ahoinat sperm after the arrival of the testis, but it is a very important source for the production of fruit sugar (fructose), which is an indispensable element to feed Ahoinat sperm. The percentage of the sugar concentration of 120-200 mg per cent of the semen, is this amount of sugar to give enough power for about one hundred million sperm Hoin for twenty hours. Therefore, if I said the proportion of fructose in the semen than normal (as sometimes occurs in inflammatory seminal vesicles) that lead to abnormal phenomena on the one hand Ahoinat sperm count, or the movement or shapes. This may be a cause of infertility.

Q: Is there a difference between prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia?

A: prostate infections occur at any time after puberty, especially before the fifth decade as a result of the invasion of prostate germs, viruses or fungi, that leads to the inflammation may be acute or chronic. The enlarged prostate, or may at least in size, especially in chronic infections.

The enlarged prostate, which occurs after the fifth decade: it is the result of damage to prostate cells, as the cells lose their flexibility and the prostate solid to the touch and is usually painful and may lead to complications as a result of pressure on the urethra back, and the resulting inventory of urine, may need to be surgery to eradicate it.

Q: Do you take treatment of inflammation of the prostate, a long time?

A: Some cases of chronic inflammation of the prostate requires a long period of treatment, because the effect of antibiotics is sometimes limited, especially if the vesicles are closed and filled with pus.

Q: Is prostate massage is necessary for the treatment of chronic inflammation?

A: It should be noted that acute inflammation of the prostate does not hold her massage of the prostate, since that could lead to many complications.

In the chronic inflammation of the prostate massage is the most successful means of treatment, and is sometimes more important than antibiotics, because it works on the production of pus from the prostate vesicles to the outside through the urethra.

Q: Why do not you come down the urine during the process of ejaculation of semen?

A: Because the prostate gland to contract when the ejaculation process Vtagafl urethra back-related urinary bladder and thus port semen only passable for the passage of semen in the urethra to the outside.

Q: Can eradicated from his prostate gland or reproduction of libel? Will that affect an erection?

A: The eradication of the prostate gland leads to the passage of semen with urine and is thus the process of libel for this he can not bear children.

It can sometimes sort Ahoinat sperm from urine and conduct artificial insemination of the wife. Does not affect the prostate on sexual ability.

Q: What is the effect of smoking and alcohol on sperm Ahoinat? Will the smoking and alcoholic beverages to infertility and impotence?

A: The high proportion of nicotine in the circulatory system leads to the weakness of the movement in the pipes that produce genital Ahoinat sperm and therefore can not rush these easily Albraik and seminal vesicles. Also has a direct impact on nicotine poisoning Ahoinat sperm and thus weaken the movement, and may lead to death. And that smoking may impair erectile dysfunction and for its negative impact on the status of erectile dysfunction nervous and this also applies to alcoholic beverages.

Q: What is the impact of drugs on sperm Ahoinat?

A: Some drugs affect the activity of cells of the testis that are Ahoinat sperm, may lead some sulphonamides and atypical antipsychotic drugs and Alkrukn (which are used in the treatment of malaria) and some drugs used to treat types of cancer have a negative impact and reduce the activity of the testis.

Q: Does the food or certain types of vitamins effect on the activity of the testis?

A: A balanced diet that contains the key elements have a significant impact, malnutrition may sometimes lead to infertility. It also proved that vitamin A, j (AE), if used for a long time may help the activity of cells of the testis.

Q: When is the descent of the egg? What is the best time to call?

A: The process of bleaching is usually in the middle of menstrual cycle, the day the fourteenth or fifteenth of the beginning of practice, and specify the time that the way of recording the temperature of the wife. It is known that the ovary produces one egg every month of the vaccination becomes valid after 12-24 hours of going out and Ahoin sperm live inside the uterus return as active for about 48 hours.

They are advised to pre-bleaching process to refrain from contact for four days, from the tenth day until the fourteenth day of the beginning of menstruation in order to collect semen, and from where it is likely that the descent of the egg is recommended that frequent pair of communication.

Q: How sex is determined after the fertilization of the egg by sperm Ahoin?

A: It is known that cell Onobp any internal or external bearing a female characteristic of the type carried by chromosomes (XX). In males, these chromosomes are of the type (XY).

If the egg shells and Tqaht Bhoin carries sperm characteristics (X) carries the embryo of the type of chromosomes (XX), shall be born female in this case. If it is pollinated by Hoin carries sperm chromosomes of the type (Y) chromosomes carrying the embryo of the type (XY) and be male.

Q: disagree with the wife and husband wanted to divorce her and marry others because they do not give birth to only females, believing that she is the reason ..! Do you really bear the responsibility of the wife?

A: The determination of sex is responsible for the husband and wife is not, Valbweidp Iqahha Ahoin sperm. If encountered Ahoin sperm which carries the chromosomal status (X) Qahha egg and the baby is female. The Ahoin who carried the characteristics of (Y), which is when the fetus is male fertilization of the egg, God willing. Therefore, we believe that the main role in determining the sex is the father. And the mother only where the Secretary, who maintains the existence of the fetus until birth.

Q: What is the best way to get the semen for laboratory analysis?

A: There is an important prerequisite before obtaining the sample, since they must take the sample after a break from sexual intercourse or wet dreams or masturbation for a period of not less than 4 days. The sperm can be collected in a bottle clean after contact with either the wife or masturbate in a way.

It is necessary to access the sample within an hour of his release and while this could put the bottle in the place of moderate temperature.

Q: What are the tests that usually take place for the husband in cases of infertility?

A: The different experiences, including: examination of the semen, as well as the work of analysis and cultivation of prostatic secretions and semen in the case of infections with semen, and determine the proportion of sperm fructose.

Examination of blood group.

This must be done pre-marital screening so there is no forbidden too late. It is known that blood group types are (O.AB.BA).

It was found that 85% of the blood red blood contains a substance called (RHESUS) (relative to the type of monkey called Rizaus and discovered this article which) is called in this case the group that contains the Group Balzmrp positive, and the figure is 85% of people. The remaining percentage (15%), then the blood without factor Rizaus called Balzmrp negative.

If the event that the transfer of the blood of the species (A + VE), for example to someone of the same species, but devoid of the blood factor Rizaus (A-VE) which leads to decomposition of blood may lead to death.

Almost the same thing happens during pregnancy. It is well known that the fetus has the characteristics of inheritance from the father and mother, if the mother's blood does not contain a factor Rizaus (RH-VE) and the father, he carries the (RH + VE) has made anti-After you configure the fetus with the umbilical cord to the fetus, which carries a working Rizaus of the Father, may lead to the death of the fetus as a result of analyzing blood, and thus to abortion. Therefore, there must be consensus between husband and wife blood positively or negatively.

- Check to make sure blood is free from the husband and the wife of syphilis or venereal disease.

- Examination of hormones related to the formation process Ahoinat sperm.

- May be necessary sometimes to take a sample from the testicle to make sure the activity of cells.

- Checking the type of chromosomes.

Q: What is the benefit of the procedure for determining chromosomes?

A: It is known that Onobp any internal or external cell behind a bear the characteristics of the nationality of a particular characteristic of the type (XX). The male, these chromosomes are of the type (XY).

Some cases of infertility in the male be the result of disturbances in the sexual characteristics, instead of the type prevailing in the male chromosomes (XY). Carries some chromosomes (XXY) In this case, the person sterile.

Q: If you do not appear Hoinat sperm in the semen, you would be a situation that absolute sterility? Or can they be addressed?

A: You must first find the cause of this phenomenon:

If the testicles Dhamrtin Mtlevtin and there is no hope of treatment, please.

If the testicles seem apparently detects intact, there are several possibilities:

- Streams of semen may be unlocked or not connected Bal_khasip.

- Or be Mattlten testicles as a result of previous diseases or injuries.

Q: How can I know that the cells of the testis in good condition?

A: by taking a sample of the testis, an analysis of tissue:

If it is proven that the pipes genital Bal_khasip Hoinat produce sperm, it means that the testis and sound problem in the ducts that carry sperm. Therefore conducted an operation to connect the pipes, or can be taken from Albraik Ahoinat sperm or an industrial Balbrech bag to collect the sperm there where a process of artificial insemination of these Ahoinat.

If the fibrous cells of the testis does not produce sperm Hoinat please there is no hope of treatment.

Q: Do you reach medicine to the work of cultivation of the testis as in other body organ transplant?

A: We have conducted some operations to move the testicle from one person to another, and a team of doctors recently moved the testis of a brother to his brother and the operation was successful, as the testis-borne duty and produced Hoinat seminal possible monitoring analysis of sperm a person transferred to it after it was Ntefth completely free of Ahoinat fibration as a result of testicular sperm.

Q: Is the transfer of the testis from one person to another is acceptable in terms of social and Bill?

A: In my opinion that this is not acceptable because the transferred testicular sperm are produced Hoinat originally belonging to the person first. Therefore, the Ahoinat sperm that form in the sperm the other person curious about it. And the case may be, such as artificial insemination from a foreign person of the wife.

In this sense, Download serial killer and the legitimate father is transferred from the testis, which is not transferred to.

Q: Is this issue had been discussed by the Fiqh Council or any body here?

A: There was no discussion of this issue earlier because it has not been raised and have sent a letter to this effect addressed to the scholars of the Association and explained to them that matter. As they had previously acknowledged the permissibility of organ transplants from one person to another when necessary, have not been spared from the transfer of the testis. This applies to the transfer of the ovaries in females.

Q: What are the disadvantages of masturbation?

A: masturbation or masturbation may lead to damage to many the most important of the ED and the weakness of the gonads and the speed of landings and member of Milan as it may lead to infertility in addition to the wasteful use of ill-health with lack of focus, and may lead to adverse psychological effects.

Q: Do you know the sex of the fetus can be male or female before birth?

A: This can be detected by ultrasonic devices, and sometimes from the analysis of amniotic fluid.

Q: Does the mumps to infertility?

A: Mumps disease: A viral disease that usually affects children and causes inflammation and swollen glands ear with a high temperature in the injured and ill health. Complications of mumps disease that may lead to infertility by 30% of those infected, and that the impact of the poisons of the virus on the ductules Ahoinat testicular sperm, which produces and leads to destruction, so children should be vaccinated at an early age against mumps.

Q: What is the effect of rubella on pregnancy?

A: different measles German measles regular known that the symptoms of the first lighter, and it could be left without symptoms draws the attention of parents. Complications of rubella to pregnant women it may cause deformities in the fetus and abortion. Therefore, females should be vaccinated against German measles in childhood and pregnant women to beware of contact with the injured do not occur until such serious complications.

Q: What is meant by "menopause"? Is there a menopause for males? What are the symptoms?

A: It is known for menopause as a stage start in females after the age of forty, as a result of physiological changes occur in this age, where interrupted usually monthly, followed by symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, tension and feeling a warm inner body, while for males, this phase usually begins after the sixth decade and Key symptoms: anxiety and physical exhaustion, tension, headaches, circulatory disorders and heart.

Q: neutered male process was practiced in the former slaves and servants. What is this process? What impact?

C: What is meant Bal_khasi is the use of different methods to remove the testicles, or lead to Dmorha.

As a result, Taatlev testicular reproductive cells that produce sperm Ahoinat, can not have children, and to other phenomena as well as a result fibration testicular cells that produce male hormone "testosterone". Do not appear to him to live in a mustache and a lack of body hair as well, and his voice becomes thin. In general, the features and behaviors tend to female, and loses sexual desire toward the opposite sex.

Q: Can a neutered female?

A: Bouksi intended removal of the ovaries and the female is the result of certain circumstances. The symptoms that appear after the eunuch is a severe psychological disorders and the ongoing tension and absent-mindedness and lack of focus. Also followed by circulatory disorders, heart and feel the heat inside the body and organs.

Q: Does the sterilization process for a eunuch?

A: Yes. Sterilization is intended to cut the fallopian sperm in men and the fallopian tubes in women, and these methods that are used to stop children or take place in some countries served.

Q: Is it possible that pregnancy occurs despite the presence of the hymen?

A: Yes, it is possible that, as some cases of pregnancy occurred existence of the hymen. In some types of membranes, a "type rubber" may not be torn apart, only after the first birth.

Q: What are the complications of sexual intercourse during the menstrual cycle?

A: The sexual contact during menstruation has repercussions on the husband and wife, this can cause severe infections of the husband. The wife may cause more complications as well, especially as the wall of the uterus be Mtzlkha from the inside of blood vessels and be open.

Q: Is there a relationship between the length of the penis and pregnancy?

A: There is no relationship is important that the sperm meets the terms of the quality and quantity.

Q: Does the ED to infertility?

A: ED may lead to infertility if not the husband can do the process of citizenship.

Q: Some complain of temporary periods are infected by the ED, what caused this phenomenon? Do you need to treat?

A: This may be caused by psychological stress and physical and sexual abuse, a phenomenon that often pass and then returned back to normal and may not require treatment.

Q: Can cause diabetes, hemorrhoids ED?

A: In some cases, especially if the illness is chronic, may cause ED, so it must focus on addressing the reason and not exchange stimulating hormone, which may worsen the case.

Q: What are the other reasons for erectile dysfunction?

A: There are many reasons, including psychological and membership. The ED may be temporarily or permanently, have been explained in previous chapters of the book.

Q: Many of the deals with ED hormones note "testosterone" either directly from pharmacies or from other sources. What is the effect this? What are the complications?

A: taking any medicines without consulting a doctor is no doubt that he has caused a lot of trouble. Valhrmon masculine spend a specific dose of some cases of ED and is not the case, it may cause a deterioration in the situation of the patient, and may affect the liver and lead to severe damage to the other. It may also cause serious complications for people with prostate cancer.

Q: Is the role of nutrition in the treatment of ED?

A: There is no doubt that a balanced diet containing food full impact on the body and its members in general, as well as the powers of nationality. Some food such as fish, meat and eggs have a positive impact on it.

Q: What is erectile dysfunction in your honeymoon?

A: This is a temporary condition of erectile dysfunction occurs in the first days of marriage and be caused by psychological factors do not soon go away. It is advisable to delay the communication process so that things will settle down and that there is understanding and have peace of mind and confidence between the couple.

Q: Some complain of the hostel-like liquid semen from the urethra.


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