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The basics of happiness harmony between the spouses of sexual

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Harmony of the basics of sexual marital happiness

The basis of marital happiness in life is to harmonize the couple when they make love together, the more the pleasures of each other's sexual obtained from pleasure to the maximum Alhdoduma of risk affects a couple's life, but the loss of one spouse or both for this pleasure of the partner in bed, and in order to be sex between the couple pleasure integrated must take into account many things are and paving presenter to start the practice and these introductions.

1 - acquiring and Altattr.

So the wife wishing Bmmars love with her husband and aspiring to achieve the pleasure in his hands that wear perfume after the wash because the husband likes to insult good wind from Wife It raises a sense of sexual in and raised by smell and they also wear beautiful clothes and bare short of them and long-term transparencies and thick and so tight that highlights the charms and irritation of her husband should use makeup properly is very man hates affectation excessive makeup and dislike, and La Paz red lips and kohl, hair must be styling well and remove excess from hands and legs and it must also care about the smell of her mouth and Abtiha and her vagina and most importantly of all, to maintain grace men this time to Iron beautiful But women slim body and thin waist and do not forget the man himself, he do what suits him to take care of operations in the flesh, Bnzafth attention to how you want to adorn your wife you do not have a sport.

2 - nudity in practice

It is not advisable that the man and his wife have sex only after Inzaaa clothes just for the comfort and freedom of movement and thus enjoy the intercourse of the maximum limits and may also be for men and women to see that the Faragehma, and flirts with each Faraj other touch and sucking, cunnilingus, if they want it and that was enjoying without it What matters is that there is nothing wrong for the progression of each partner in the same thing.

3 - petting and foreplay

They last up to him couple Fbl penetration of the man's beverage, his wife and start translational mechanical and include caress everything Kalmdaabp actual and verbal and even harassment, physical in all its forms example of foreplay the actual possibility of the couple to exchange kissing Balhevcin sucking the tongue and lick the entire body and the little guy to wink his wife's breasts and playing with Hmutaiha hands and tongue and Ertdaha mouth, raising the wife and Ihiejeha and reach out to the thrill of indescribable and the couple should Ilaka Faraj each other, it raises a couple very raises Shahuthma and suction equip men to the extreme limits erection of the penis and makes it a warm welcome to a red solid is able to satisfy the wife completely, as well as lick the feet of the clitoris with his wife and labial vagina it reaches peak times and the times and perhaps also Fbl penetration.

4 - as well as husband and wife to cherish their bodies on the stick and some Itaannaga strongly and will join each other

5 - There is another magic word, a kind quarrelsome and verbal harassment

If a man says to his wife is beautiful body and His bounties, or to declare already implemented Fbcol it will put to my hand and put you on the ground and Aolgh inside you Aelaga and La Paz for a woman to share her husband that truculence verbal saying what the greatest strength or to say to him Come on show me how Stmtni now or Let's enter it quickly

For these words after the magic between the couple during practice and go all the who oppose the pleasure of love between the couple in Mkhaddahma where he wants these introductions all will reach them to the to Qusay thrill, especially if some sort conditions intercourse between them was riding a wife her husband from the top or the bow Violgh the back of the chastity or that sat down and put amphibolous wife of her husband's feet around the pool or that Istgayi one over the other where it is said that the man lying on his wife might be a better setting for those wishing to reproduction.

And God knows


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