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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Note strange in young people is that they adorned themselves to identify the girls, let's talk frankly, young man resolved to yourself to know a girl playing on her femininity, whether moral or physical.

This question I put, and I ask you to answer after desist from reading what I write honestly with yourselves. Objective is: Why calling the girl in the wedding to be a child is weak in your hands tremble when touched fear and tremble if accepted. Did not ask them that you are the first of sensed for the first of her lips and placed him on the other side requests it to be you you further tests.

Believe me, the greatest sense it feels like to find a partner you chose to be chaste and pure life confused afraid when you are approaching them the first time, a great feeling, young man, you can feel chastity and purity, Banagaiha But what is it? ?

Is it not right to feel the same sense. Why not you clean inside and Foreigk only to your partner, make them feel the same sensation experienced by you. Wonder of youth and this is what harness the current generation of Western customs damned. We lose the purity of our lives.

Believe me, the greatest is the sense of chastity, but how and when? ?

I ask all who have experienced a sense the first time with his partner is, what if this feeling with your spouse at the wedding you're afraid and confused It is also ...!!

What if your lips touch the pure, clean not only is her body and her lips? ?

How wonderful to exercise with amoral underworld, and then touch the innocent chaste. Why?

I ask for your patience Life is not just sex. Many beautiful things in our lives and I will talk about young people because I lived this period in all Mavera beautiful.

Sexual life is but an integral part of many beautiful things in our lives but it's not the foundation. What do you think if you married one and discovered that she had tried this with a sense of someone else? Can be persuaded though chosen by you will forget you forgiven but forgotten? ? Saab (good guys for good) Be good and waited for a partner your life Live your young chastity and God will provide for Balafeefp. Libido minutes and ends, but the instinct of chastity lifetime, no matter how organized themselves after the marriage would not would not forgive yourself for everything you have done over the loud instinct of chastity.

Would not forgive yourself for the loss of chastity will not be tolerated yourself a wasted opportunity on a sense of awe from first contact to your wife.

Did not treat women as something integral to life and not the basis of life. Yes, as you are demanding that you are the symbol of life is also not Thrmohn of this feeling, do not be led behind the animal instincts that we see in Western societies, transmitting a freedom of the body. Yes, your body does not belong to you It alone is the king of her Eve, Eve chaste pure.

There is no contamination of this body and leave it clean clean


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