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The failure of the wedding couples community's responsibility

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Community's responsibility for the failure of couples in the wedding

Some believe that the problem of virginity, is a technical problem caused by lack of experience, and some of them are unaware of how the issue, and are ashamed to face the question until the matter themselves in the wedding .. Prematurely think it is very difficult and precision, making them averse and fail in the first tasks of married life in bed.

But the reality is that there is another dimension in the failure of some young people in the resolution of the hymen is not addressed to him clearly and focus .. Namely, the social dimension of the year, which is no less the responsibility of the impact of this problem on the issue of lack of knowledge or reluctance to act and implementation .. What is the responsibility of the community really for the failure of some couples to pass the test of the wedding?!

Parental authority

In many societies, constitutes virginity on the wedding, a sign of manhood, and even boast a lot of parents Pfholp their children, while succeeding in passing the exam virginity quickly, while the leak anxiety and sometimes a sense of shame and disgrace to the hearts of some parents whenever long-term attempts to groom the young man, and delays exit of wet tissue blood hymen, room Aerysin .. And may even be some parents to openly rebuke his son in front of others, and to consider the failure to mark the lack of manhood deaf family's reputation stigma ..

In the women's councils, the women find this article amusing topic to talk and anticipation has been going on the next dialog, including:

- First: Did not it?

- Second (or groom may be) is not yet?!

- Third: (required pull Hilou Shui ..)

- Fourth: What a generation .. God bless my husband, it took him a few seconds .. Do like someone hit a hack .. And I felt it shake the earth from below

- Second: a matter of some embarrassment or confusion

- Third: It is ashamed of his wife, children can not come at them!

- Fourth: Many young people these days - my duty - no smell taste .. God bless my husband, until the last breath is doing his duty to the fullest such as wild horse!

Too much talk on the subject and publicly .. Promote a sense of impasse DIY Pictures, which makes it seem like a scandal or a state of pathetic at best .. But in the end, a sense of compassion insulting to men masculinity, especially when the community develops, dissolving it in the balance!

Irony and cruelty of the word offensive!

Because of the impact of such social attitudes, which depicts the process of virginity, like the Battle of invasions victorious, or a test of ability tests masculinity in all their meanings and their forms and actions, behaviors, and because of the harsh social environment which harnesses are offensive and rude of anyone who does not win in that exam from the first penalty kick, takes this issue is larger than its real size, and become a burden on many young people into the marriage, and may even die sometimes the young man next to the life of another to the gate of total sexual impotence, not to mention the loss of confidence in his abilities as a man, outside the domain of sexual too!

The prior outlook of these vestiges of violence and virility artificial than what you need this task from a powerful force on the ground, make some men approaching their wives on the night of Dakhla, Empowered by the feelings of intrusion and violence .. Which leads to tearing and bleeding is another face of the faces of failure in the task, because virginity actually easy enough that once the erection of the penis and intransigence, and then enter the penis and no violence is to break up the membrane and very easily and it takes more than the fleeting moments if the foreplay and hydration Vaginal have also taken their time enough.

Privacy Policy

Here we can say that this social behavior, and those beliefs prevalent in our societies of East and strongly rooted in the mind, bear full responsibility towards many of the deficits faced by young people in the wedding .. If we have to deal with this issue as a matter personally, and leave the newlyweds themselves to value the time they need for the task, and how circumstances of psychological, which allow them to Italva sexually quickly or slowly, and to reconsider the link the issue of virginity or expression of virility imaginary in sexual imagination, which controls the concepts of heat and Alglua and exaggeration .. And should not interfere with parents only when they are asked a couple that .. Especially if we recognize our social responsibility really, in the care of any couple passed the gateway to knowledge of sex life experience and a few less .. Which is not likely any psychological pressure or social bravado practiced at their expense


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