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Enlarge penis size pictures

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Increase the size or penis enlargement

Consists of the male reproductive system of the penis and testicles and prostate gland and seminal vesicles Penis consists of spongy body which is responsible for erectile dysfunction the penis and inside there is a channel called the channel through which urine passes from the urine as well as sperm The length of the penis in the case of relaxation between 6.7 to 4.11 cm The length of the penis in the case of erectile dysfunction between 12.7-15.25 cm and the diameter of the penis 11.4-14 cm To increase or enlarge the penis there are exercises can be exercised manually and these exercises showed 100% complete shift in the size of the penis But this increase in penis size does not occur over night and overnight, but should exercise five days per week and continue to exercise a period of not less than 6 months After two or three weeks from the beginning exercises will notice an increase in penis size and the increase in the case of relaxation 2-inch (5 cm) compared to one inch in the case of erectile dysfunction and when you continue to exercise you will notice a real change and large in size of the penis after 6 months Exercise These exercises 5 days per week at one hour each day while taking two days rest, either consecutive or separate. Where a period of rest period and complete healing of the cells.

تكوبن القضيب
How do these exercises to increase penis size??
Penis consists of 3 rooms of sponge tissue and suck the blood of these tissues up to the bar and then lead to get an erection When you exercise on an ongoing basis and correct there is an expansion in the size of the rooms becomes able to absorb large amounts of blood and this leads to bigger penis size and purpose of the exercise to shed tensile strength and stretch the tissue responsible for the erection of the penis where lead these forces to an increase in tissue growth Alantsabip in be gradual and the new cells.
Legal Notice: (legal notice): -

I hope every person looking for ways to enlarge penis consulting urologist to get medical advice as to whether this exercise does not affect it, especially people with certain diseases such as diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver and respiratory diseases and other diseases that affect the flow of blood and oxygen to the penis and the process of renewal Alkhalai. We are in this site is not responsible for any injuries or health problems occur directly or indirectly as a result of what is to follow in this report.
Symptoms must be observed during the exercise: -
1 - There are bubbles on the penis is often a result of the use of pressure on the penis severely for a long time. 2 - sores in the penis to stretch the penis resulting in many 3 - swelling - resulting from the use of heavy weight on the penis for a long time and this affects the nerves in the penis, leading to infections and then swelling in the penis and the penis if the swelling may lead to atrophy and then the non-amenability to have an erection. Must stop exercise when you see these symptoms to completely disappear.
** Before starting to exercise should consider the following: -
1 - Shaving the pubic area of the hair to avoid pulling or hair pulling during the exercises. 2 - Eat a good diet rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, where that food has no effect on the work of the penis as well as eating good amounts of water. 3 - the psychological state have a significant impact on this process where it is necessary to have a good mood before starting to exercise, and if you do not believe that these exercises will lead to bigger penis size it is because the negative impact on the process and makes it difficult to enlarge penis size to get. 4 - Develop a moisturizer on the penis, especially before exercise (Algelk) and prefers not to use soap and shampoo, since these substances lead to redness and irritation in the skin of the penis in long-term survival in addition to dryness of the skin and the occurrence of cracks and does not favor the use of Vaselinenormal type, where he was holding exercises. Prefer to use Vaseline with great care (vasline intensive care) where it can remain for a long time on the skin without causing irritation or damage in the skin of the penis and does not impede the movement of the hand as quickly as required during the exercises.
قياس القضيب
5 - Measuring the penis - before starting exercises enlarge penis size you must measure the penis: - First: - The size of the penis in the case of erectile dysfunction Must stand and endure the penile erection in the case of perpendicular to the body place the ruler next to the penis from the pubic bone and then read off the ruler to be up to the top of the head of the penis. And can measure the length of the penis without an erection erectile- Must stand up and be adjacent to the right knee left knee. - Hold the penis from the region that is located below the penis head and drag it forward and put a ruler next to the penis perpendicular to the pubic bone and a reading of the ruler to the top of the head of the penis.

قياس القضيب
Second: - measure the width of the penis in the case of erectile dysfunction: And by using a tape measure, measure penis circumference in the case of erectile dysfunction in the mid-point of the length of the penis.
Third: - measure the length of the penis in the case of relaxation: Can be measured in the penis when it is in the case of relaxation using the fingers of the hand can be expressed about the length of the penis by 5 or 4 fingers. And can be measured in the penis in the case of relaxation by using the ruler by putting over the penis and push the other side of the ruler toward the abdomen and then record the length of the penis starting from base of the penis towards the apex of the penis.
قياس القضيب

- Sign sleep on the back and from then measure the length of thepenis by using fingers or a ruler to score less than the length of therod as possible.

Vitamins and minerals and their impact on sexual activity: -
When your practice to enlarge the size of the program of the penisthere are types of vitamins and

Of minerals and herbs that should be contained in the daily diet were found to provide the body with a large card enhances the ability of nationality.
Vitamins: - 1000-2000 mg of vitamin C twice or three times a day. 20-30 mg of zinc (Zinc) 300-100 mg of vitamin A 400-200 mg of magnesium (mg) 500-100 international units (IU) of vitamin D 60-50 mg of Thiamin - Thiamin
Minerals that increase sexual activity:
1-525 mg of calcium. 200-200 micrograms of vitamin B12 3-150 mg of vitamin E 4-25 mg of potassium. 500-400 micrograms of folic acid.
- There are these vitamins and minerals in the pharmacies in the form of tablets.
To increase the amount of fluid outside of the penis when you ejaculate: -
Advise you to take 1000-1500 mg of the amino acid called L-Arginine per day so that helps to increase the amount of semen when you ejaculate and gives erections strong. - Advised to take 100 mg of it two hours before intercourse and must be cautious and not to eat large quantities of this article within 24 hours and when you see the side effects are advised to stop treatment. Consult your doctor before use.
Special exercises maximize the size of the penis: -
First: - the heating process of the important processes and the necessary process before starting any exercise to enlarge penis size, because the heating and allow a greater amount of blood to enter the penile tissues, as well as make the skin more flexible, making it easier to exercise.
There are some ways to keep warm: -
1 - wash towel hot or warm water and then we wrapped the towel around the penis, whether in the case of relaxation or erection leave the towel for a minute or minutes, and then restore the ball again, and then after we finished drying the area well.
2 - way Jacuzzi with light massage of the penis and not more than 10 minutes.
Second: - Exercise stretch or draw: - (25-30 minutes)
1 - After you start the process of heating penis penis exercise and relaxation in the case of Hold the penis by hand and press on the penis by hand and should not be pushed to the limit interrupt blood circulation in the penis. 2 - then never pull the penis to the outside by hand from the base of the penis head to drag this process must be as much as possible without pain continue the process of drawing 5 minutes after every minute of this five minutes, tried to pull strongly and more slowly. 3 - After completion of the withdrawal for 5 minutes, give the penis a break for one minute and make a circular motion of the rod by hand without pressure on him in order to facilitate the flow of blood in the penis. 4 - Repeat the process of withdrawal for a period of 4-5 times every time five minutes after the end of each time you withdraw the penis to the different directions up and down the right and the left and then restore the relaxation process as in No. 3 5 - After the expiry of the five Cashouts each one five minutes to pull the penis forward more vigorously for one minute and then withdraw the penis during 10 minutes Cashouts simple forward. Can note the difference in the size of the penis after two or three weeks and the difference is very clear after 3-4 months.
يمكن ملاحظة الفرق
** Note when you penis in the maintenance of this exercise is a thumb in the back wall of the rod and the four fingers on the anteriorwall of the rod.

- no other way to exercise or stretch drawing: -

This method involves withdrawal of the penis in the case ofrelaxation and in the case of erectile dysfunction: -
1 - using the right hand grabbed the penis and pull it forward 10 times 15 seconds each pull. 2 - Replace the withdrawal of the penis to the right 10 times and 10 times to the left and down 10 times. 3 - When an erection in the penis penis grabbed by hand and pull it in front of ten times. 4 - and then repeat the process of withdrawal of the penis to the right ten times and to the left 10 times. 5 - when you drag the bar to the right and left multiply the penis gently and in the case of erectile dysfunction thigh towards ten times in each direction.
Third: - Exercise and turnover growth for a period of one minute
In this exercise, you move the rod in hand, whirling 30 times as much as make sure that the testis is covered by the second hand so as not to hurt during exercise.
This exercise increases blood flow to the penis gently and gives the state of semi-erection of the penis may need in the next exercise.
IV: A Olgelk (Jelq Method) ten minutes to twenty minutes
This is the way of the most popular methods for more than a hundred years old and can by this method to access the excellent results to enlarge the penis size and you should know that this method does not give results in day and night, but if applied properly the results show after five weeks of slightly But 6 months after the change is significant and this method is called Balasthlab or milking process.
How do we apply this method???
1 - Always remember to warm the penis, as previously stated. 2 - Use oil to moisten the penis such as Vaseline with great care and do not use soap or shampoo. 3 - Hold the penis by hand thumb and index finger and never clicking on the base of the penis and then drag in the form of milking from the base of the penis down towards the head of the penis and then repeat the exercise with the other after 3 seconds you will reach the state of semi-erection is required. 4 - Hold the base of the penis with pressure by the left hand by the thumb and index finger to form the letter O 5 - Hold the penis and then the right hand and driven in a manner similar to any milking pressure and withdrawn from the base of the penis to the head of the penis. 6 - Then we change the hands on the sites, respectively solve any of the right hand place the left hand and left hand the right place.
Repeat the exercise in the first week 200-300 visits per day strongly medium for 10 minutes. Repeat 300-500 in the second week back in the day strongly medium for 15 minutes. Repeat 500 times or more per day in the third week and more strongly as possible for 20 minutes
- If you find yourself and come to a full erection during exercise, stop the exercise for a few minutes into the penis to return to the case of semi-erection and then repeat the exercise. If you feel a desire to stop ejaculation exercise for a few minutes to go to this desire for libel.
Repeat this exercise 5 days each week. - During this exercise, notes that the head of the penis will expand and enter the amount due to more blood to it. You will notice in the first two weeks with redness or swelling of blueness, but this will decrease with time Algelk method should include all parts of the penis except the head of the penis.
Results obtained from this method are the results of a permanent increase in penis size in the case of erectile dysfunction and relax and in the case of erectile dysfunction increase more than the case of relaxation. Frequently asked questions about the way Algelk: - 1 - How much pressure should I be using during the exercise?? We can not determine the amount of pressure because this varies from man to another and the amount of carries, but should not feel pain as a result of pressure during exercise any pain that is determined by the amount of pressure. 2 - What do I do if I lose erection during exercise?? Most men can maintain an erection during the exercise, but if you lose you must re-erection penis to the case of semi-erection and remember always that the exercise can not be exercised except in the case of semi-erection. 3 - How do you know that exercise is being properly?? That the color of the penis where the penis becomes the color of dark red or dark purple, and without a sense of pain and if I felt the pain should ease the pressure on the penis. 4 - Is there a specific time for exercise, and is preferably before exercise or after sexual intercourse?? There is no specific time which may be conducted at any time and is not affected by the process of citizenship. 5 - occurs when the penis swells and swelling after the milking process, to what? If you have undergone a circumcision will happen before you have a bulge in the place that represents the effect of circumcision process hundreds of times after milking, but this method does not have any adverse effect it is the result of fluid build-up and will disappear after several hours
*** NOTE: Remember always that way Algelk exercise and penis in the case of semi-erection, while avoiding a full erection and ejaculation, and avoid, because the full erection with the way Algelk exposure increases the likelihood of penile tissues to rupture. 

 Pubococcygeus عضلة
Five: - exercise reduce muscle PC

PC is an abbreviation of a muscle called Pubococcygeus and to be located almost from the bottom of the testicles to the anal regionand surrounding the muscle of the anus and prostate gland.
This is the muscle responsible for the strength of ejaculation in menand the process of training this muscle helps you get:

1 - strong erection.
2 - Strengthening the ejaculation.
3 - control of premature ejaculation.
4 - increase the effectiveness of the prostate gland.
How does this exercise??

Before you apply, you must exercise to learn how to be able to reduce the muscle PC Imagine yourself in a state prison and then try to urinate in the urine will feel a sudden movement or muscle contraction PC
There are several types of exercises to reduce the muscle and can choose any type of exercises practiced daily pictures:
1 - reduced muscle PC this exercise is a reduction and softening of the PC muscles repeatedly can start 40 times a day and then begin to increase day by day and by stamina to be able to reach 250-400 times a day the good thing about this exercise is that it can exercise anywhere in the home or office without anyone knowing it.
2 - cut with the pressure of the muscle PC: - This exercise is similar to the previous exercise and the only difference is we start by heating the muscle and then begin the process of reducing and softening of the muscle PC and when we get to the tenth time remaining muscle in the case of contraction for 25 seconds then take a rest for a minute and then return the ball once again preferred to practice this exercise five times a day.
3 - Increasing the period of reduced muscle PC in this exercise, we increase the duration of the process of reducing muscle PC 35 seconds, then relax and reduce muscle once again for 35 seconds and so on.
4 - depletion of muscle PC begin to exercise sitting position comfortable, and then heating the muscle and then begin the process of reducing the strong muscle PC of 30-50 times and a slow and after we have maintenance of the penis firmly for 10 seconds followed this process to reduce and relax the muscle of the PC in a quick 150 When you reach the last time Sign reduce the muscle for more than a period as possible and then take a break for 3 minutes and then finish the exercise, the work of the 40 times reduced strong muscle PC should then be a sense of exhaustion and a sense of burning in the area of the PC is the exercise of the most difficult exercises and it is more useful thanthe rest of the exercises.
VI: - massage and heating for 5 or 10 minutes
After the end of the exercises we massage thin rod for a period of minutes can be used with the massage cream to enlarge the size of the penis is made of herbs and then we have heating again as we start the first time and then draining the area, this massage and heating increases the amount of blood reaching the penis and stimulates the cells that have been crash during exercises to rebuild itself.
Premature Ejaculation:
Ejaculation occurs very quickly after erection at a time do not wish for that person and to treat these as follows:
1 - can afford a long period of sexual enjoyment without the occurrence of ejaculation and that exercise called Exercise 1-10 No. 1 represents the phase of the onset of sexual arousal when you reach No. 10 represents the phase of orgasm and ejaculation, and No. 9 represents a stage before the stage of ejaculation, and is a stage can not stop or back off.
When masturbating to reach the stage No. 8 stop and then restart the practice of masturbation Repeat this exercise for a period of 15 minutes and you'll notice after the expiry of this period you can libel when it wants.
2 - The second way to control premature ejaculation is the practice of exercises to strengthen the PC muscle as over the former.
3 - The third way when having sex and feel you have reached the phase of excitement Remove the penis from the vagina where it remains only the tip of the penis into the vagina and wait for 30 seconds, until the excitement Sign Bad free penis again into the vagina can help you this way on delay ejaculation.
*** For a strong and lasting erections longer do the following: -
1 - Food: - reduction of food rich in fat and a lot of food rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables was found that the high level of fat in the blood fills the vessels in the penis, causing a shortage in the erection and must contain the quantities of food such as zincKalhntp grain, barley, rice and corn as well as shells and others.
2 - Smoking should stop smoking, where it has found an important role in the occurrence of problems and deficits in erectile dysfunction.
3 - Hold the penis between the fingers of the index finger and thumb where the thumb on the front of the bar and the index finger on the back wall of the rod, then take a deep breath and withhold the self, and then squeeze the penis between my finger index finger and thumb from the beginning of the penis this exercise leads to increased blood flow to the head of the penis.
Repeat this exercise 9 times a day every time you withhold the breath and counting to the number 9 with each number Z-power era of the penis towards the head of the penis that the muscles in the penis needs oxygen to live and the greater the blood flow to the penis are these muscles saturated with oxygen resulting in to the lack of an erectile dysfunction or deficit in erectile dysfunction.
Questions that deserve answers: -
1 - When should I make exercises?? At any time, some men prefer to conduct exercises in the morning and others prefer to conduct the night before going to sleep. 2 - Can I libel before exercise or during or after?? Both should not be tossing a few hours before the start of exercise and prefers not to libel after the end of the exercise before the passage of a few hours and that during ejaculation occurs because many of the chemical changes in the body such as the low level of the hormone Altestostiron and strain occurs in all connective tissue in the body 0 3 - When I see the exercises Gelk blisters and pain in the penis? If you feel discomfort in the penis slightly, it continued to exercise a natural heat penis do not forget at the beginning of exercise but if blisters appear and the pain is severe you should stop exercise for a few days to occur in the healing of ulcers and do not forget heating penis before starting exercises. 4 - When can I see an increase in penis size?? The first increase in the size of the penis occurs after 2-3 weeks of starting exercise and the increase in the size of the penis relax more in the case of what is in the case of erectile dysfunction. 5 - How to control my penis without erection exercises Algelk?? Does not practice special exercises and Algelk when the penis in the case of erectile dysfunction in the first weeks of an exercise occurs erection in the penis and in this case, you should stop and wait a few seconds or minutes to be relieved of erectile dysfunction. But after several weeks and several months, the penis becomes accustomed to the exercises and the erection process becomes easy and possible to control. 6 - Can I exercise twice a day?? Both is not recommended because the time medical healing tissues of the body is 48 hours and this depends on the type of tissue where the muscle tissue faster healing and healing of nerve tissue, and when you exercise twice a day does not give enough time for the penile tissues to heal fully, which gives results negative enlarge penis size. 7 - How can I find a muscle PC?? This easy process during urination Stop the flow of urine without the use of hand and without reducing the anus and reduction of the abdomen, and repeat this exercise, you will notice after a period of time you will be able to reduce this muscle when what you want. 8 - Do I have to do the process of heating the penis always?? The process of heating the penis and it is necessary for two purposes: - The first purpose: - working on relaxation of connective tissue in the process of stretching the penis becomes easy and less prone to rupture them. The second purpose: - heating works to increase blood flow to the penis, which in turn leads to increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients reaching the penis. 9 - how many months should continue to perform exercises?? You can hold these exercises forever if you like, but be advised that not less than 6 months, where they observed a significant difference in the size of the penis after 6 months but if you want to exercise only this time more than the increase in penis size 1 / 2 inches each year. 10 - Can I practice exercises 7 days a week?? Both should give the penis a rest for two days this is the period necessary to cure and heal the muscle cells of the penis 11 - can not I make the entire exercise at one time a day, Can I distribute them within 24 hours?? Yes it can.


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