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If you know what I know Vhstm before marriage from the Department of Sexual Medicine...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If you know what I know Vhstm before marriage

Presenters know if to marry, what I know of the benefits of a medical examination before the wedding night, and its importance to avoid any imbalances that might occur in the marital relationship in the future

The discovery of any disease with the capacity to have children, or the presence of certain genetic diseases and resolve the problem from the start before it gets worse after marriage, and this examination does not reduce the value of a man or a woman, but a guarantee for the future of a family properly.

This was confirmed for the joy / Dr. Hussein as the Prophet director of the Center of family planning and he started throwing light on the beginning of the activity center, saying: The Centre was established in 1958 as a clinic for the treatment of venereal diseases for men, then turned to the Division of Sabah Hospital serves the health, not only in the field of venereal diseases, but in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and male infertility cases. * He added:

Medical examination before marriage lets us know the general health situation on the verge of marriage, and if we happen to hit one of the parties illness did not know the wound of it before we immediately subjecting him to the necessary treatment, this has happened with many of the visitors to the center where cases were found infected with sugar, and others suffer from impaired function of the kidney and liver, in addition to inflammatory diseases of the urethra and reproductive system, and whenever we detect the disease early as a result of the treatment he is receiving positive.

Necessary analysis

* The most important tests conducted by the center: a blood test to see injury or free scanner from certain diseases such as sugar, and determine the percentage of cholesterol, and salt, as well as to examine the urethra and reproductive system to detect the presence of any type of infection that may impede the later reproductive process and cause the transmission to the other party, as well as conducting an examination of semen to determine the reproductive capacity and whether there are problems preventing the occurrence of reproduction, including tests also know the blood group of spouses, a factor of (Rh) ie: the type of platoon positive or negative, if both spouses are blood group and one which both positive or negative, there is no problem, but if the wife of the family of negative negative and the husband of the family of positive positive, there may be a problem in the first pregnancy since they may become the wife after the birth type of sensitivity, and prior knowledge of this situation we can be treated by giving injections "anti - D.

Affected by the disease, the couple married

• The injury a couple already some diseases especially diseases of the reproductive system greatly affects their married life, so we always recommend the importance of treating the injured party with the disease before marriage so as not to cause the transmission to his partner, as well as the injured men with diabetes and neglect in the treatment may affect the his sexual power, hence the importance of starting early in treatment to improve the patient's condition and make it in the case of better health, and also discover the problems and diseases of the reproductive capacity as the early results were better and faster, or at least I have a patient prior knowledge of the possibility of delayed occurrence of childbearing after marriage and so underestimate the size of the social problems that may arise due to the rapid reproduction.

Health and safety of children, parents

It also represents the health of the parents play an important role in the safety and health of children, especially the mother, because the impact would be directly to the fetus, which feeds and grows inside her womb, while gaining the children of genetic diseases through their parents and, in general, there are some diseases affect adversely the health of children if he was wounded by parents such as diabetes, especially if the patient is kind of a playboy who does not adhere to treatment, although the mother of a platoon negative may give birth to children diagnosed with anemia (anemia) if you do not take precautions medical, especially during pregnancy and after childbirth, as well as HIV AIDS is transmitted to the fetus through the mother if were infected with the disease, this in addition to genetic diseases that may be carried by one of the parents and children to move later.


Result of increased awareness among the citizens see the center very popular year after year in the cases of those who want a medical examination before marriage, as statistics indicate that in 1992 the number of cases 274 increased in 1993 to become a 322 status and increased this rate to 420 cases in

1994, the latest statistics we have are for 1995 indicate that the number of cases reached 717 cases This is a good indicator confirms the high rate of health awareness among citizens and the residents too, especially that there are some countries impose their laws and their embassies to their citizens to provide a medical certificate the state of health before marriage as a condition to complete the marriage contract .

Perfect Bride

The medical examination before marriage and to clarify the health status of the parties at an early stage does not mean the prohibition of marriages between them, even if one of them was infected with a disease, these things (Perfect Bride), but all aim to make this examination is to detect diseases early and work on the treatment, as well as information the couple by placing them healthy and then leaves them the option to complete the marriage or to wait until healing or rejection.

It is through my work place for touch near the growing awareness of the Kuwaitis and their understanding the need for a medical examination before marriage, and the erosion of the erroneous idea that was in the minds of some people, this examination or detract from the dignity of manhood, and statistics bear witness.


One of the main conditions of employment medical confidentiality in dealing with patients, may not violate the confidentiality of the patient revealed his illness to one without taking the consent, so the job is done when you inform the patient personally, including suffering from it and leave him the freedom to tell the other party or the other, especially as we give him a medical certificate his state of health and stakeholders can be found if he so desires.

Attitudes and realistic

One of the cases came to the Centre for the examination year was the discovery of her diabetes, and was immediately transferred to the clinic sugar of his residence, as well as we discovered injured man gonorrhea was treated, and tried to advise him to postpone the wedding until they are completely cured so as not to cause the transmission to his wife


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