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Scientific research about sexual activity in men

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scientific research about sexual activity in men

Intensify their research scientists to understand the mechanisms that are related to sexuality and practices in males. The researchers hope to reach through it to a new treatment for impotence. A team of researchers at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, discovered ten years ago that an erection occurs when the cause interesting idea or to raise bodily the release of nitric oxide from nerve endings in the member of masculinity. This leads to urge the blood flow to the penis and thus amplified. But all these responses are consecutive does not take more than seconds. Now, the team discovered another from the same university How to maintain the continuing erection after it occurs. The study conducted on mice and cats, found that the basis of that process is the continuation of production of nitric oxide in blood vessels.

Says lead researcher Dr.. Arthur Burnett that "the physiological erection like driving a car. You can not manage the key to the car and waiting for your go anywhere. Must be controlled and directed" In the context of the topic, this means that burst the first excitement, followed by receipt of blood vessels function of nerves, and release of continuous supply of nitric oxide, to maintain an erection and strengthened. Burnett said, "Once that starts the flow of blood to the penis, active source of nitric oxide in the blood vessels leading to the release of more of this article, and thus greater relaxation in the tissues of blood vessels, allowing the passage of more blood and an erection for a longer period." When things go normally, the flow of blood in the arteries occurs subtle pressure on the walls, which stimulates the launch of more nitric oxide from endothelial cells in blood vessels. And the source of nitric oxide in blood vessels is an enzyme called "Nitric oxide synthase Indotheleal", which is the part that is still a missing link in the cycle of dysfunction, which focused upon the efforts of researchers


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