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Others of a pattern of your life, O my wife

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is an important means carried out by the wife with her husband Vkspth So try to be a like you, and remember that the greatest way fear Allaah

Important means of earning spouse

  • When you call him late at work and ask him

  • Praise the things you bought

  • I loved that meal

  • I change the location of furniture in the house and the other between

  • I contest between us to sit for the dawn prayer

  • I remember his work in the morning

  • Involved him in, Thanks for taking the view

  • Tayyip and fumes from time to time, especially on Friday

  • Be logical in everything, and I always remember the old saying:
  • (The woman does not want a husband but if I got it wanted everything)

  • Be sure to learn all the new hobby of cooking and art to see me each new day

  • Revival of the concept (we do not disagree on the floor)
  • Do not disagree on naming a child or a piece of furniture or the type of food,,,,

  • Formal change in front of him from time to time
  • Kqs hair and make-up and other (if he likes it).


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