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Infertility in women from the Department of Sexual Health

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Might happen as a result of infertility defect in the ovaries or in the channels or in the uterus, and ovary of many diseases may lead to some cases of infertility. Emerges from the ovary one egg each month and are stimulated by hormones produced by the pituitary gland into the blood

And lack of ovulation resulting in irregular menstrual cycle may occur for several reasons, including a bug in the hormones. Disease and polycystic ovaries of the most important diseases that lead to infertility and when the ovary and the lining hypertrophied Foreign thick and thus prevent the exit of eggs that contain the time of ovulation

Might happen as a result of infertility as well as infections affect the ovaries or members nearby, or the result of adhesions on the ovary because of previous surgery or swelling. It is possible that the imbalance in the fallopian tubes in infertility. Each channel or tube is a corridor that connects the ovary and uterus and the tubes are the first step of pregnancy. Where moving in each month an egg from the ovary to the uterus and during the journey through the fallopian tube is inseminated by the sperm and the blockage or narrowing of tubular or fallopian tubes is one of the reasons the task in the case of infertility and is most likely Scaffolds for acute or after surgery, leading to cirrhosis

Also, women may suffer from some birth defects since birth, which include the length of the tube or a narrowed or lack of it already. Infertility occurs if deformation or loss of Alanbuban together, because the presence of one lead to a pregnancy by fifty percent. Constitute the mucus lining the cervix is particularly important in Mahavdp for the sperm. If what has been destroyed this mucus, the sperm will not be able to vaccinate the egg. One of the reasons damage the mucus secreted by the cells exposed to the process of ironing to get rid of the ulcer of the cervix

Of the reasons the public for not having women to resort to accelerate the use of contraception methods and popular recipes that may result in serious Althabbat lead to infertility. In addition, the use of douches or vaginal topical chemicals may cause the death of the sperm before the process of pollination

Recent studies have shown that twenty percent of infertility cases reference to the emotional stress and neurological conditions.


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