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Lack of sexual desire - of pregnancy for the first time

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lack of sexual desire - of pregnancy for the first time

Samira: I am an adult woman of 26 years old, will my child's third worst after about a week, my sex life with my husband is not the same as it was in the beginning of our marriage. I am fully aware that part of the problem is the birth, but before I became pregnant I felt the same feeling. My husband is trying to sexually excites me, but I feel that my body has changed dramatically after three children.

Is it your body that may change or your life?

Children something great, but they add tension to your life, take a large part of your leisure time, and cancel a large part of your own life, is sure to be a bump in the activity of your sex life. The most important thing now is that children do not claim the men in between you and your husband. If you say that the cause of sexual Vetork is your loss of desire or excitement in your body, it is possible that this will be sufficient excuse to avoid sexual intercourse. But if you put the blame on your lifestyle, which I think is the reason, then so must be a pair of socks and Tjtahedi to change this obstacle. Now you can not rid yourself of children and do not want that, too. And your life will be more tense Bindjabk for the new baby. What you can do is to MAKE your relationship of your priorities, Thtegenh is some time to charge the battery of that relationship, for example when you are ready to Tstaidy your sex life you can after that give birth to seek the help of your relative, for example your mother to take care of younger siblings and go to a hotel with your husband, even if only a few hours even be identified. Make sure to do it regularly during the year such as during weekends, because the memories of these times will make your sex life will last the longest, but not forever, as happened with the memories of the beginnings of Zoajkn but when Toazpin for renewal in your relationships with your spouse will always continue that relationship forever .

Pregnant the first time?

Bossman_Yondie: Can a woman to take after sex for the first time?

Women can become pregnant from the first time and last time all the time through it.

"You can not get pregnant from the first time" ... That argument that I'm trying to Obddha it is incorrect. Others say "cleansing and washing Eola after intercourse to prevent pregnancy" ... stress does not prevent pregnancy, any kind of cleansing or washing. They say "sex and standing prevents pregnancy," I Ocolkm does not prevent. And also said that "sex in a withdrawal - where the man comes out his penis before ejaculation - prevent pregnancy," but this is not true, where there is a small drop on the tip of the penis contains thousands of sperm


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