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Sex art

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why not be the art of sex and rules can be taught and learned?

Or at least know the common mistakes that should be avoided and these errors were the result of frustration and repression and Alaptaaden nature in relation to this function,

That the errors come at the beginning of married life, but in the first night of the wedding night,

As is often the couple were not prepared mentally and psychologically prepared for the practice of marriage,

Women are very sensitive and the pair is either shy or impulsive in virginity,

However, the woman who loves her husband would be ready emotionally for the first sexual contact,

And know that it must be doing something somewhat painful, and will bear it and accept it more easily if you know that this work will pave the way for full sexual intercourse, and that its position will facilitate the command,

The husband has to know what is virginity and how to do, and knows that his wife,

Or consult a doctor, a man who can understand the emotions of his wife and to treat them carefully and paper can be exercised for the first sexual encounter very easily and the most important things to be the beginning of the beginning of happy married life quiet successful,

This depends on the willingness emotional and psychological development of the couple, and many marriages happening to her collapse in the psychological field and the domain of sexual because the wife got a shock in the beginning of the marriage, if we can avoid the initial shock and we were able to pass the first night in comfort and tranquility, this serves as building the first stone in a happy married life .


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