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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is the discharge of sexual energy through fondling the genitals, and are in secret a secret, here it is known as the "masturbation"
A process that nationality is not complete but it does not end eventually the natural process of sexual saturation and relaxation is an important part of the citizenship process because it leads to the return of the blood vessels in the pelvic area to normal by the excitement and thus, the non-occurrence of this sexual gratification leads to congestion of blood clot in the pelvic area, including the effects of his poor medical on the reproductive system and other organs of the body as it may in the end, after repeated for a long time affects the efficiency of erectile dysfunction and leads to premature ejaculation, which makes the young man in need of treatment.

This is in addition to that caused by excessive masturbation impact on the overall health of the man which reduces resistance and makes it susceptible to many diseases that result from the weakness of the resistance which many diseases and often dangerous. That is why the medical damage caused by the many secret habit makes us focus on the need to refrain from.

Damage resulting from masturbation:

Does not happen often in practice usually satisfy the desire of the girl's sexual fulfillment in full, leading to a bloody congestion in the pelvic area and disorders in blood circulation, especially to increase the amount of menstrual blood, with a sense of severe pain before bleeding. It may also cause congestion in the pelvis to increase the amount of vaginal discharge.

May not result in a rupture of the hymen, but the expansion occurs, which leads to no bleeding during the quelling of the membrane the road project for the wedding night.

The exercise of this habit to a mental disorders in addition to stress, anxiety and remorse as a result of this action.

Accompanied by excessive weakness in the habit of wilting body and leads to poor memory, and the body's inability to resist various diseases.

In fact, the practice of masturbation and indulgences which occurs Alodhararalatip the young man:

Congestion gland prostate and seminal vesicles causes of premature ejaculation, ie once the contact member ejaculation occurs is believed that one is unable to carry out the process of citizenship when he got married, and this followed by a sometimes injury erectile dysfunction (loss of erectile dysfunction) pressure on the member associated with masturbation than the pressure needed for the process Nationality of natural and it does not feel the young man addicted to masturbation pleasure from sex natural, such as those associated with masturbation, while the average guy enjoy a great eye sexuality natural and there are general symptoms occur as a result of this practice, such as depression, psychological convergence and distance from society, and general weakness, paleness, weakness personal The harm they are active genital secretions of glands, increasing the need to after exercise, making it easier to deep-rooted habit follows from the physical needs of the additional secretions of these glands

Masturbation is to imagine something that does not exist, in fact, all creations of the imagination here, and possible dangerous. Young person who went too far in the practice of masturbation and left to his imagination free rein can not find the bride wanted to find the desired handled by the years in the imagination and can not find in the circumstances surrounding it was like for him to imagine not find himself able to bring his imagination sexual that endured years of frustrated and may not find him a desire to bride this way traditional and here begins the problem as a result of the injury from the practice of masturbation, he needs to treat myself to fine tune his instincts Nationality to conform with reality. For this, I warn the young man masturbating and I appeal to them give it up immediately and the way to give it up easy and runs and he can he does every young man himself, he needs to be running the same Palmmakrp or reading or any other hobby that it also sports physical.

It also must commit to pray on the young man they restrains from shameful and evil.

Premature ejaculation

Is a situation that can not be the man that his wife up to the top of the peak of sexual and reach the end point is the peak or the inability to control at the moment of ejaculation, or is the inability to continue to sexual intercourse (penetration) for a period of five minutes is attached. Whatever the definition of this case, the result is the same which is not to enjoy sexual cohabitation between the spouses fully

May be rapid ejaculation common complaint among young people during the first years of marriage, where they lack sufficient experience and knowledge in sexual matters, but that this situation reduces with age, due to the acquisition of sufficient experience to delay access to the tipping point nationality until the wife reaches its peak and the enjoyment of cohabitation Nationality.

Can be divided into the causes that lead to premature ejaculation into two parts: -

Organic causes

Inflammation of the urethra
Chronic prostatitis
Inflation benign prostate
Psychological reasons

Lack of sexual education of the couple
Nothingness violent marital disputes
Sex under the circumstances is appropriate and not create the right atmosphere
Wife's sense of pain during intercourse
Fear of the husband when a woman is pregnant because you do not affect the fetus, causing the pair to accelerate the process of sexual
Psychological reasons, may suffer from some of the men in the past after the marriage may lead to a premature ejaculation, including excessive use of masturbation in young adulthood.


Requires the treatment of premature ejaculation to search deep and thorough examination to find out the reasons that led to this situation and especially if the case originated myself or have occurred as a result of psychological factors and nervous, and here must be before the start of treatment with medicines and drugs and try to address these factors to play a major role in improving the patient's condition.
There are drugs and many medicines for the treatment of premature ejaculation, such as antidepressant medications and topical ointments before sexual intercourse, half an hour and reducing the sense of the patient Palmthirat nationality. Which reduces irritation head of the penis during penetration and friction, which gives the opportunity to further enjoy sexual intercourse with the wife and prolonging the longest possible period.
It could also resort to sex therapy as an effective means for the treatment of premature ejaculation, and require this method the quality of private and certain patients to be a great deal of awareness and culture, and in this way is training men to reach the stage of pre-peak and then calm and gradually, and then restore the degree of excitement back to the pre-peak, several times and lead to long periods of erection prior to ejaculation.
There are several other ways that many of them are pushed to the head of the penis when you feel the desire to ejaculate.


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