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Sex during pregnancy

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sex during pregnancy

Is sexual intercourse during pregnancy healthy? What are the cases where sexual intercourse Twelve pregnancy harmful? What are the conditions suitable for sexual intercourse during pregnancy?

Perhaps the most questions that are presented to the doctors about healthy sexual contact between spouses during pregnancy and what might it causes health complications for women and the fetus. Has concluded many of the scientific studies that sexual intercourse during pregnancy is absolutely normal and that I take any damage to the woman or her unborn child. The consensus of these studies that there are some cases where the sexual contact harmful to the health of women and her fetus, and these situations: when a woman has previously suffered from recurrent abortion or premature birth. The presence of the placenta (Albulasanta) in the non-normal. The emergence of bleeding during pregnancy. The emergence of water birth. If the husband had sexually transmitted disease such as herpes and chlamydia, which may be passed when these diseases and thus the wife of the fetus, causing serious illnesses. In the case of the absence of any such case or other reason determined by the physician, the fear of sexual contact between spouses during pregnancy is unwarranted and may contribute to the spacing of emotional and some of the tensions between the couple. And differs from a healthy sexual contact between spouses during pregnancy in different months of pregnancy: in the first three months of experiencing a pregnant woman usually symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue and lack of desire for food which does not appear sexual desire has a husband has to be estimated, and understand the situation of his wife. With the beginning of the fourth month of the previous symptoms may be over and the woman's vagina will be more congestion and Wife which increases sexual desire to have sexual contact and be more easily and reach women usually trance intercourse. So are the months of the fourth to sixth months of the most suitable for sexual intercourse between spouses. Divided scientific studies about healthy sexual contact between spouses twelve pregnancies in the last three months, some say not to healthy sexual contact, including the most widely accepted says Beship sexual contact until the last days of pregnancy but it is advisable that some means which would prevent the appearance of any complications, including: Choose a lateral position or the back of the situation instead of intercourse abdominal and this will help to avoid pressure on the belly of a pregnant woman. Prefers not to bring women into sexual intercourse to the euphoria caused by the contraction of the muscles in the uterus. Must be nice to husband during sexual intercourse, as the depth a lot of the penis may be harmful for a pregnant woman. Use the pair of rubber insulation, which helps to reduce the incidence of infection and lack of emission of semen in the vagina, where according to some studies the relationship of semen premature birth in the last months of pregnancy. It remains the key factor to ensure a healthy pregnancy, sexually twelve not a real openness between the couple and not be ashamed or feel free to women in the frankness with her husband feel that the husband is more understanding and appreciation of both spouses and is keen to review their doctor in charge.

The positions sexual intercourse during pregnancy can be arranged according to suitability for pregnant women as follows:

1 - Status: back side; any Bastelqa couple on their part is opposite, but a man to his wife from behind, and is the entry from the back of the front of any of the vagina, which is not a tough situation, but requires only help women to her husband to be able to penetration.

2 - Status Alastelqaiip background so that women lie down on her stomach, but it flies on the bed to be able to pair of input; order not to get a lot of pressure on the fetus.

3 - Status: background vertical so that the bow woman on her knees, half of the top parallel to the bed and perpendicular to the legs, hands helicopters on the bed, and her palms Mstndtan him, while a man kneeling any sitting are based on his knees, and is the entry from the back forward.

4 - front of vertical position so that the woman lying on her back while only the bottom half high, and an obtuse angle or a little bit with the top half, the man kneeling and sitting, this situation may be difficult for the carrier if it were not accustomed


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