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Hymen gate of life

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Almighty God created the hymen natural barrier prevents the entry of what might constitute a danger to the most important organ of a woman's reproductive system.

The hymen is located in the first part of the course of delivery (vaginal) between the two openings of the anus and the urethra. Works membrane - along with members of the reproductive system of State to reserve the dirt and filth coming out of the two passages out of the vagina, but will enter a stool and urine to the vagina was born and becomes a fertile ground for the growth of germs and microbes that may spread Modie spoke bacterial infections, leaving fibrosis in the tissue of the fallopian tubes or in uterus or ovaries, which threatens the future of reproductive child, and this is a blessing from God upon His slaves that fever rights of many diseases he does not know.

When girls grow up and become very know how to take care of personal cleanliness, you will know how to protect themselves from diseases and infections that come from the anal or urinal, or others, particularly in times of the menstrual cycle. The exterior of the tract and the blood of the menstrual cycle and race outside of the skin and moisture and warmth is the best place to farm fungi and bacteria. In other words: Many cases of infertility experienced by married women belonging to bacterial infections in the genital tract.

Hymen is the gateway to life, treasured by every girl, and kept by the people of every girl, if you fell down the membrane with high heads! Great! Felthafez every girl on what God created them clean, pure, not exposed to foreign antigens.

Pregnancy and childbirth included the baby and kissing are the sweetest aspirations of life for every girl.

Varied and numerous questions about the hymen is what has to explain the issue as follows:

Is a thin membrane of the skin is getting stronger with increasing age and was at one time embryonic development is complete and separates the outer third and middle third of the vagina, and in the later stage of that growth was necessary and that disappears from a part or parts to allow the blood of the menstrual cycle to get out of the uterus to the outside. This is what actually happened and as a result there were many forms of hymen left and fired a descriptive labels for these different formats: Kalhgay and Hilaly and drill, etc. ...

If you do not disappear any part remained membrane fully, it will disclose the same and cause a problem with the first menstrual period where accumulated blood behind the membrane and must at the time of the resolution of the membrane by a doctor, but if the majority of the membrane had disappeared might have been left very little to the degree of questioning.

And position of the membrane is by the previous commentary, is at a distance of 2-2.5 cm from the outside of any end of the third outer surrounded by the governor upon Balhevcin small and large, and virginity at the wedding thing is not to cause pain as great as you imagine girls do not need a hard effort as perceived by young people and all them dramatize things and Iassabha then remain captive to the influence of psychological and carrying things than it can bear, and the greater the age of the girl and strong that the membrane cause pain most of course, not necessary the descent of a large amount of blood at the adjournment of the membrane, but sometimes does not happen at all and review the previous commentary, the resolution of the membrane is only being a cause injury to tear a piece of skin but endorse and is suitable for the amount of blood the size of the resulting membrane with the remaining filled and how the vagina was located, the little and does not block the way or was of a kind of rubber which grows with the pressure and then back again may not come down to the blood at all. Unfortunately, how many girls are virgins wasted their blood because of the ignorance of parents that simple information.

It must in this context to note that the hymen, although important, does not represent the only conclusive evidence of the virginity of whether or not you might hit a false accusation because of it, and perhaps also because of Error acquitted


Visiting my brother

, The shortcut or virginity virginity in this thin membrane-like injustice is an injustice by reducing the value of the membrane.

My brother, this film just a sign material does not live up to the level of the context virginity or deviation, so that courts "often" do not judge the invalidity of a marriage or its dissolution if it is found for the husband after the wedding, and to consummate his marriage that does not exist for this membrane; it out for symptoms of many simple sometimes.

So the presence of the membrane is not definite proof of the virginity virginity or, in the absence of evidence of a definite contrast to that!

Hymen is just a symbol - may or may not be - the Afaf women, but it is not a proof of chastity and the presence or LACK, creation, religion, descent, perfume and treating him kindly, and biography's good people are all signs, or evidence - that you want - on the chastity "Were it not for the membrane" It has introductions to doubt his wife - after testing what you said - it is better for him not to marry her, and probably will never marry.

Bleeding and the membrane .. Common concerns

There is no scientific evidence or unscientific the fall of the hymen because of heavy bleeding, is a misconception, does not have any basis in truth; because the holes in the hymen that come out of the blood of menstruation, no matter what the bleeding is severe, it can not be torn membrane; for its flexibility and high paper that prevent torn


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