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Breast and in the interest of girls for the opening

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Breast and concerns of girls in order to maximize

A woman's breasts is a sign of femininity, with a special sexual significance.

When approaching the girl from the age of ten starts with breast growth in this age begin secretion of ovarian hormone particular have an impact in the payment of certain cells breast growth, and this determines the size of the breast, in response to breast cells to this hormone vary from girl to another, in some cases be This low response is produced small breasts may be a great response Vintage big tits, and the degree of such response depends on the genetic factor from the father and mother. As a teenager near the breast of its maximum size, and may grow a breast faster than the other, and eventually reach the size of the breasts similar in most cases .. But not identical.

And years go by and reach the female to the stage of pregnancy, where more than breast size as a result of the secretion of the placenta (afterbirth) hormones during pregnancy to affect the breast tissue, Vtjolh Lena, and make the channels of milk a wide to receive the milk secreted after birth, and with the secretion of milk widen channels by the amount of milk glands , and after birth and the end of the period of breastfeeding breast size is getting smaller again and Itahedl; so it becomes soft and flabby breasts.

But Tahedlh stay and stay with him the problem that bothers many women despite the fact that there are some communities have breast Almtahedl to Vtyate is beautiful; detect breast and its size varies from one environment to another and even from one society to another, and govern us here to change the form of the breast is the legality of doing such a change in creation and that could be in her readings of Counsel.

When we talk on the topic of breast augmentation surgery and her and them, as there is no creams or devices or hormones or certain exercises in futile enlarge breast size, surgery is usually the only viable solution.

To illustrate that we must learn that every female anatomy of the breast is fat, skin and glands without muscles .. Many women believe that breast that contains the installed muscles and demanding exercises a special mathematical Breast himself to zoom in or out, but the fact is that the breast does not contain muscles, but we do not deny that there are some exercises for which strengthens the muscles of the back and chest (the muscles located behind the breast), and these exercises help to sense the emergence of breast Dzie. These exercises are exercises Alsandoz ..

Given the presence of fat in the composition of the breast, it can contribute in part to increase breast size diet helps to increase a little weight.

As for the sagging was seriously the best solution is surgery to lift the sagging breast implant and breast implants "Implant", a so-called "breast industrial" behind the natural breast, which makes it full and hides the effects of contouring.

The apparent importance of increasing breast size if we know that women suffer psychologically from their small size; Valtdi small means in the minds of some less feminine and self-confidence was also lower.

But we will add to your information that in one recent study of the University of the South, Texas, USA, make sure that women with big tits less responsive citizenship for women with small breasts, and explain the research of this phenomenon that the amount of nerves in each cubic centimeter of big tits less of nerves located in each cubic centimeter breast small.

As for the surgery and cons

This surgery is performed under local anesthesia or total, so the cons of surgery at the start of exposure to the problems of anesthesia and cons and this is common in any surgery; so it will not go into details.

As for the surgery performed for sagging breasts is a process of transferring the nipple of the place falling to its natural place in the center of the chest, then the formation of the skin around the breast after lifting and removing the increase in skin even keeps the breast by placing high filled, and then close the wound.

This is for those who want to raise only slouch, but for those who need to enlarge the breast, in this case, the development of silicon directly under the skin of the breast to make it larger, and perhaps comes to mind a question which is:

Why silicon, exactly?

The answer: because it is distinct from other materials as the raw material (inert), also characterized by flexibility (elasticity), inflatable (inflatable), and most importantly of all, it was proven that silicon is best to accept her body easily.

This article is working on a balloon filled with this balloon either saline or textured silicon itself (gel silicon), and here begins the downside of this surgery; as silicon leak inside the body after the operation through the wall of the balloon, causing some symptoms of alien body such as a sensitivity body (Autoimmune disease), which forced the doctor to remove this artificial breast to avoid such damage; so many would have preferred the use of salt solution to fill the balloon instead of silicon.

But with the development of this surgery, because the silicon to give shape and texture closest to the natural breast, has been the use of balloon consists of more than one layer (3 laminar) to limit the internal leakage of silicon into the body significantly.

Now what should be done after this surgery?

- Must wear bras breast medical (rubber) for one month after the operation.

- Still stitches after a week.

- Massage the breast after the operation every day for several weeks to reduce the likelihood of internal scars may be caused to reduce the softness of the breast.

- For the pain associated with this process are disposed of analgesics.

As for the complications that occur after the surgery can be summarized as follows:

- The internal breast scarring, and can be overcome by a massage as we have.

- Contamination of the wound.

- May show a difference between the size of their breasts, due to this skill as a surgeon.

- May lose nipple sensation for several months.

- In some rare cases, open wound and ruptures silicon grown as a result of lack of acceptance of his body (extrusion), and this is the most complications, which is to remove the breast implant.

- May occur what is known as (capsular contraction), an association of fibers secreted by the body on the breast implant as a defense of the body of this UFO (silicon) Vtnaqbd these fibers and narrow and shows this in the form of stiffness (a sense of texture rigid) in the breast, usually These symptoms appear after two years, after which remove the breast implant and put another new, has been proven that the incidence of the (capsular contraction) in the balloon wall, which consists of (rough surface) less than the balloon wall, which consists of (smooth surface).

- The cost of this surgery is very expensive because they require time and skill.

These are the main disadvantages of such surgery, and remained to refer to two things:

I: he prefers - usually - the surgery after you have finished completely Alantymn having children so as not to breastfeed; which helps to sagging breasts again.

The second: is that this surgery did not prove they relate to breast cancer final, but may be difficult to detect breast cancer, if any; therefore advised to continue breast regularly, and that all women age (35-40), both have undergone the process of breast augmentation or have not been that rays are doing the work on the breast every two years and the wear on the simple detection of breast cancer.

The radiologists agreed that taking multiple rays can be taken and the clear rays of the breast in spite of the presence of silicon balloon and the discovery of any tumors, if any.

Finally, this all we have on these processes, but what God {the best kept}, and this is the sum of our knowledge, Oalmnakm him {but above all a science knows


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