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Lines addressed to the men to let them know what their wives love them

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We talk a lot about what should be characteristic of women than the attitude of recipes, and of its obligations, and should do even have the love of her husband and maintain the nest, but we rarely speak to men!!

These lines addressed to the men to let them know you love them even ease their wives and rest:

* Creation and religion

In the interest of the family, and society's interest, that is associated with each of the men and women who is like him, and not spoiled married life - often - as a result of repulsion foul .. and the conflicting tendencies; If she marries the girl good malignant narrowed Boukbuth, The Narrows is Beslahaa and piety, and unlike That cleared the life of righteous deeds with what brought them together if one family. Says the Almighty God in His Book: (Thy vile men, and vile men for vile women, and good things for good, and good men for good), and confirmation of these meanings according to the Prophet - peace be upon him - "If there comes from happy with his creation and his religion, then marry, but do not do that confusion in the land, and the corruption of a broad" ..

And thus focused the Prophet - peace be upon him - in guiding Quran, on the creation and religion, and omitted what else he urged that satisfaction with them and to beware of ignoring them, because of the consequent confusion in the land and great corruption, the heart of the situation of the Muslim family, and shaking its foundations if married girls Safe reprobate man, what has the availability of money and prestige, or for other reasons.

* Efficiency

Scholars say: What is meant efficient in the door of the couple's marriage, that are equally private matters consequent inequality in couple's life not upright in most cases. Shall not be less than the man in stature, character and social status of women.

It was narrated from Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - said to him: "O Ali: three did not delay it: the prayer if they came from, and if I attended the funeral, and Alaim if found competent."

It was narrated from Aisha, may Allah be pleased that the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - said: "Pick well for Ntvkm Anhawwa and qualified."

And efficiency of the rights of the wife, which honored her, is not permissible for the woman's guardian to marry her from her incompetent, but may not prevent marriage to the lack of efficiency.

The scholars differed in terms of efficiency, Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal narrated that that these conditions are: equality of religion and descent. And is not intended to religion here, "Islam", a Muslim woman may not marry non-Muslim, but is to be righteousness and stop what is not permitted by the law of Islam, because the reprobate return the certificate is not safe to self and money.

He quoted Imam Malik that efficiency can only be in the religion only. Shafi'i and Imam: religion, descent, freedom, industry, and the left, and safety defects that prevent the enjoyment of the spouses.

* Love and understanding

"Love and compassion" are the basis of the interaction between the couple, then each of the spouses into account the feeling of the other party and his tastes and his respect for and sympathy with him if check understanding and love between the couple's marital happiness achieved and achieved successful relations between the spouses, and achieve the perfect marriage.

And a sense of the wife that her husband does not care about its wishes not keen on its participation in matters of family feeling painful, so your husband should take into account his wife's feelings and kindness of it must take into account its efforts and responsibilities of inside and outside the home and may cause her fatigue physical dispersion, and sometimes intellectual.

* Overlook the errors and keep secret and cover the defect

I know that the insured requests the excuses and hypocritical request slips. When the improvement of intentions, and Ttwad hearts, and be over the sanity of living is, there is this aspect in the life of the Holy Family. Feltgd party for lapses in particular is intended. Do not mention your wife ill people and the spread of her secret, do not tell them what you know of hidden defects, although I have seen as shameful, her face gently and paper.

* Decorate them, and festooned with you:

Blessed God Almighty to His slaves in what was revealed to them the decorations that prepared them better, and their homes, the Almighty said: (Say the campus of Accessories of God which He has produced for His slaves, and good things of living, the less is for those who believe in this life on the Day of Resurrection).

The Sunnah also exhorts Muslims, men and women of good body hygiene and in so many conversations.

And decorate to her husband, as well as the man to his wife should take him a couple lucky manner, because of reasons of intimacy and affection, for this street decorations really make each project the owner.

A woman loves to have her husband's good looks and clothing, he said Omar Bin Al Khattab may Allah be pleased with him: Tsnawa to your wives and they like what you provide him with them. He said Abdullah bin Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him: I like to Otzin for my wife as I like to adorn me.

Some of the righteous wearing clothes precious and says: "I have women and Maids phasin myself not to look at for the others.

* Preach the girls:

The Almighty said: (and if humans one female under the face Msauda Kzim ....), and the Almighty said: (Allah belongs the heavens and the earth, He creates what He wills, wills wills, and bestows male who wishes, or He gives them daughters and female and make whom He pleases barren He knows things).

No one knows where the good and wise man does not follow the whims and adorned with the devil, and remember the verse: (And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you) ... Does not rejoice in all the joy newborn male, nor grieve if a female gave birth, you do not know the good in either. How many people benefited girl and her parents and was one of righteousness and mercy, made when her parents age, and how much I'm after them and deny them in their old age, experience has shown that good by the girls more, and are awaiting to reward about them.


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