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Bloody urine

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bloody urine

Personalized bloody urine if the urine was examined with a microscope and found a number of red blood cells more than ten cells in one microscopic field, or if seen with the naked eye, one of the signs of the presence of disease in the urinary system. But the distinction must be made (by microscopic examination) between the urine and blood stained urine due to chemical complication of hemoglobin in urine as a result of malaria-infected person, or blood poisoning or a blood transfusion was not OK with the same blood group or person may address some of the drugs that discoloration of the urine.

What causes bloody urine?

There are about thirty most important cause of the following:

Reasons as a result of a chemical imbalance Chemical which produces different kinds of stones are

Reasons as a result of infection with microbes Infection Kalisabp tuberculosis or schistosomiasis, or event is inflammation of the renal pelvis and bladder (which is most prevalent in females) causes as a result of certain diseases such as diseases of the blood as a disease beriberi, haemophilia (Alheimovljea - a disease blood thinners and not Tjlth), leukemia, disease increased balls red blood disease sickle cell anemia (Sickle-cell anemia) and allergic diseases self (nephritis) and diseases of heart failure accompanied by blood clots moving causes as a result of tumors Tumour Kisabp college or renal pelvis tumors and malicious injury bladder tumors benign or malignant and infected prostate tumors benign or malignant .

Reasons as a result of the use of certain medications, such as inhibitor of a blood clot, or eating some of the toxins that cause inflammation of the college.

Reasons as a result of an accident Trauma Kisabp Textile College itself or ureter injury blow or gunshot or knife as a result of medical error when installing the ureter catheter. And also can get bruises without bladder rupture or tear in the tissue of the bladder wall-related or not related to the peritoneal cavity. Can also infect the urethra accident to occur partially or completely rupture.

Congenital causes of birth defects such as polycystic kidneys, congenital genetic or college many cystica or that the college-shaped horseshoe.

And discrimination scientific reasons bloody urine can be reached by clinical examination of the patient for example, can benefit from the age of the patient to know the causes of bloody urine, the patient elderly person suffering from this disease due to an enlarged prostate, while the patient is young in age and in his twenties, often caused as a result of be stones, or have a disease schistosomiasis. The question about the history of the patient's illness can be inferred if the patient is infected with disease, hemophilia (Alheimovljea), which may be accompanied by bouts of nose bleeds or joints.

The inquiry from the patient for the occurrence of injury has brought some reason, if there was a pebble has passed from the urethra recently, it is likely to have calculus other and most importantly is the question of the patient if he feels pain or not as the feeling of the patient's pain is given an explanation that the disease may be due to the infection the patient's microbial infections or the passage of a blood clot in urine or a small pebble If the patient does not feel any pain is often the cause of bloody urine as a result of tumors.

What kinds of bloody urine?

Bloody urine in the first urine (often the result of disease or prostate Balihalil)

Bloody urine at the end of the urine (often caused by infection with bilharzia)

Bloody urine mixed and this is continuous from the beginning to the end of urination and the urine is bloody (and often the result of kidney infection or bladder infection bleeding)

What are the degrees of bloody urine?

Paul simple and bloody urine is the color of colored blood mixed with it.

Paul bloody average and the color of blood-colored urine.

Paul is very bloody accompanied by blood clots in the urine with the color of blood for each urine.

How is it diagnosed clinically?

It should be noted form the general health of the patient and to determine the degree of impact of the disease and severity of acute as it can cause a decline in the average circulation and repeated it can cause Ahoba and poverty in the blood.

Visual inspection of each of the abdomen and sides and genitalia and the presence of any bruises on the skin in such places we think about the possibility of injury to internal organs under this location, as that there is no swelling is telling us (a blood clot or tumor) is also filling the bladder with urine can cause swelling in the underside of the abdomen above the pubic hair and genitals when you check and discover them with bruises and bleeding from the urethra in cases of perineal injury following the incident shows us a laceration Balihalil.

When examining the two sides and the discovery (through the sense of) a tumor might be caused by a blood clot or a tumor as it would be significant in the form of a bag filled with water in case of renal hypertrophy. In cases of injury or inflammation microbial the side be painful when touched by hand and in some cases there is a muscle contraction, which the college is located.

And the filling of the bladder and relaxes urine can sense the body bag filled with water at the bottom of the abdomen above the pubic area and attracts the attention of doctors in the incidence of fractured pelvis and a rupture in the urethra and the inability to urinate and be with the required bleeding from the urethra If you found a tumor on the body bag filled with water perineal area, it can be either a blood clot or poly diffuse between the layers of tissue in this region.

The anal lobe from which to know whether the enlarged prostate or not.

Examination by stethoscope can know the existence of fistula where you can hear whistling in the college.

How is it diagnosed clinically?

Microscopic examination of urine and see if the red blood cells are present or not.

Blood test to see if there was a mystical reason for this bleeding and determine the degree of severity.

Myelography procedure on the urinary tract.

The emergence of the dye in the picture with determining the general shape of the College indicates that the connection of blood the kidneys did not unharmed on the other hand you do not see the dye in the picture can tells us three things, namely, the possibility of the lack of college, or a blockage in the arteries feeding him or a complete rupture and separation of blood vessels in their own after the accident too. When secretion of the dye by the College shows the form of cups of different colleges and they relate to Basin College and the existence of a place is not visible when the secretion of the dye Filling Defect may be caused as a result of a blood clot or a stone is not visible to radiation or tumor altogether in this case can be made microscopy analysis of cells in urine It helps a lot on detect the type of the disease.

In some cases, the view away and prolonging in the form of cups as a result of the presence of tumor compressor internal or appear in the form of a spider in this case must be performed myelography on the blood vessels to give a clearer picture of the reason for this (Angiography) or that in some cases, delays occur in the secretion of the dye by the College in cases of acute renal colic, accompanied by bleeding in the urine in this case, we find the body in the dark through the ureter and the dye stopped him, and keeps track of the secretion of the dye even when the discovery of the urinary bladder as part minus your bladder may be the result of a blood clot or a bladder tumor.

And to conduct more research to find out the nature of this tumor, which occupies part of the college are examined the urine of cancer cells and X-ray dye, the blood vessels in the case of the bladder, is underway with the telescope of the bladder biopsy for pathological analysis. If it is proven that the tumor is cancerous, it being the eradication of all tumor by nephrectomy with ureter in cases of tumors of renal pelvis and eradicate the whole of the College in cases of cancers of the same college, but in cases of bladder varies case where a process to remove the tumor itself through the telescope and sometimes to control the spread of the more possible, preferably the total eradication of the bladder with the tumor if it is not possible to remove the tumor itself through the telescope. The telescope is an important factor in the diagnosis of cases of bloody urine, where it can find out where the bleeding.

Ureter injury

That the injury to the ureter are rare may become infected by a gunshot and diagnosed by a Antegrade urinary tract is observed leakage of the dye to the outside of the ureter, or perhaps discover that during the process of exploring internal organs other infected in an accident and treatment of such cases by installing a supporting internal of the ureter with the delivery of finalized by the . It may happen that gets the ureter during surgery for another purpose near the ureter (of the colon and uterus), and doubted that if there is blood in the urine after the operation.

Bladder infection

These injuries are common as a result of car accidents are of two types, either rupture Post peritoneal cavity or rupture is offline peritoneal cavity as a result of injury to the bottom of the abdomen with the presence of bloody urine. And diagnostic methods work Antegrade urinary leakage is observed character outside the boundaries of the bladder and if there were several injuries in the body, it prefers to dye for X-urinary tract are first so make sure the integrity of the kidneys. And treatment of such cases through the repair process of rupture bladder and if it is connected cavity peritoneal leaves Drnqp inside, and sometimes if there is a rupture of a simple bladder outside the peritoneal cavity was the diagnosis by the telescope, the installation of a catheter great to empty your bladder of urine be enough to heal the rupture, without the need for surgical intervention.

Urethral injury

One of the most leading causes of rupture of the urethra is the inflatable bag Foley catheter within the course of the urethra or the removal of the catheter swollen by the patient and such injuries appear on the exit of blood from the slot of the external urethra and the inability to urinate and natural bladder filling with urine. And treatment of such cases is to conduct an anal examination shows non-separation membrane perineal prostatectomy for semi-cartilaginous In this case, a small catheter is inserted under sterile conditions have passed easily if it is evidence that disruption of the urethral catheter so she does not fully installed for 5-7 days until the healing Rip, but if you did not pass the catheter easily to the bladder, it being the process of converting the urethra by incision above the pubic hair and leave for two weeks if there is no separation of total of the urethra, the patient urinates then if there is a separation in the urethra, it conducted the delivery of two parts separated and Tveselhma by stitches After the installation of a catheter Balihalil from outside and inside


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