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With loving women than the attitude of men

Sunday, March 6, 2011

You like women than the attitude of men to be generous brave a sincere sweet logic Seer diligent and humor and true to the Covenant and the promise of forbearing Mottagmla what is it Thelonhen and be cute as usual and his food and drink, and be clean appearance is not in his body defect and to have many brothers Maetnya spend Hawwaijhn non-Mtl So do not restless ......

And to be avoiding the cohabitation situation and lowlifes It is no good but Ichaklh in the envelope and dress and manners, and great love of them that a man should be a clean mouth and inspecting the Siwak and the things spicy flavor and clean hands and feet and nails Iqlmha good clothes smell good if he met with the descriptions of the large number of money and generosity, the same is complete their beloved to them and said that it was over in the desires and endears them to some of the studying, speaking and the mayor in the heart of all this vacuum and to bring happiness to it.

Nature of the women said the wise men, but other than that Mradhn because they disagreed on is moderation and the evidence for what they are forbidden, however, never given him anything and effective


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