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Wedding night

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It is the first nights of married life, and in the process of first intercourse of the night become Fiancee wife, and the most important event in this night is to break the "hymen.

Is the night of colorful names, are: night life, a wedding night, a night construction, which promised a night .. It .. Eager to groom and bride, and progressing towards it with a mixture of happiness, surprise, fear, anxiety and tension, with all this background of each and every one of them and his thoughts on that night what is going on .. Each may he drew from his eventful life and passed on what he has heard repeated, and by including the families of friends, including Baan by some books available, then your imagination and the nature of each character in the face of things, .. Many things, some positive and most negative in the industry contribute to that moment, and going through the feelings and beset by events.

We'll go straight to the point is: How do we get to the wedding night a happy and successful? Prophylactics and how the failure occurs? Or say how the couple are preparing to receive this tonight? And that on the matter of nationality on the face {0} for a regular night

The first thing you should teach him the groom and the bride that night, despite the surrounding halo and amplification of the events is the night a very unusual, all increased by that ye may close on you one door, but nothing has changed in the issue was more than that, do not you have been turned into a monster Kasser , nor is it waiting for you to do Alovail .. The both of you should calm down and calm is the first party to the other ..

The most important point in this quiet, we're not going to fight a decisive war or signed must be accomplished on this night, especially because in many parts of the Arab nation is still there to see the usual ignorance or bed cover was significant contamination of blood honor and chastity ..! Putting pressure on the nerves of the spouses need to accomplish the task and only occurred the scandal, and people talked about the abysmal failure.

Must understand that we are the couple to meet normal between the couple as loving, if you left it to natural feelings, but the sequence of events without any tension or cost, the result is a fully proven natural love of the meeting, without concern of victory or defeat in battle seems battleship!

Scientific knowledge {}

The young man must learn anatomy of the female genital, because the absence of this issue will not recognize what to do and how and where? A frequent complaint of many young people - and even young women - who have failed on the first day is that they do not know the right place to have intercourse because of their expertise Balsafp anatomical where he often goes to the wrong place, he meets resistance, and the wife feels severe pain not related to the process the same nationality , but the error in the same practice.

Related to this is to know the parties physiological functions for its members and members of the other party; where many young people ignorant of the nature of the menstrual cycle, and the reasons they occur, and the period of ovulation and fertilization, and the grace period to get married.

As well as the girl does not need to know what is the erection and ejaculation, how and when it happens, this need in the period before the wedding to read a scientific question or a specialist doctor. Which are very important for the occurrence of a successful sex life.

No mother {}

At this point, we assure the young that it is not pain, no bleeding as commonly traded in the culture; because the issue of pain and bleeding are more concerned about the girls in the night .. Either because they heard it from colleagues who Sbaknha in this area, and they want to Idven air of excitement to the events of the night, talking about the pain that I felt, and the blood that bled profusely and. And. And the new poor shivering panic, she does not know that was accompanied by exaggerating and fabricating, or the facts that have occurred to some of its neighbors or those not measured it; where there are satisfactory reasons for non-normal, which led to severe bleeding or pain is not likely .. In the normal case there is no pain, no bleeding.

The theme of the bleeding of the things that must be understood by the groom as many young people imagine the issue of virginity .. Human slaughter resulting in much blood and waiting for the blood of our friend or are looking for is not found; Vtthor furious, or at least doubts arise!! Here, we must learn what the young hymen? What is the meaning of settling? And the expected amount of blood? How can it be formed?

It must be noted that the thin membrane that feeds some of the capillaries, and the process of settling lead to rupture of the membrane in part with the explosion of some of these fine capillaries and are therefore the amount of blood expected one or two points, if added to the discharges of natural produced by women, the output in most cases is part of the discharge is colored pink light may need to be an effort to see if it is not white color brushes.

We ask the groom not to hurry on this night in particular, and in general and that there is an important stage overlooked by many young people in connection with the sexual and lead to failure, a process of psychological preparation and physical before embarking on the process full citizenship, which is what we call the "Pets", whether verbal or physical , and that it must take time with no loss or increase, because the shortage: making women unprepared for the process of intercourse, and this especially in the days of the marriage first, where did you get used to a woman after the sex, and overcome feelings of tension and turmoil, and perhaps shame or pain more than to enjoy and excitement, but after a while you get used to it and begin to enjoy it.

And therefore did not lose sight of the Holy Quran this relationship God says: "Your wives are your tillage tilth you want and offer for yourselves and fear Allah and know that you Mlaqoh, people who believe" The Cow: 223. He says the Prophet - peace be upon him "do not fall of you to his wife, also located the animal and not their messenger: it was said and what the Prophet? Said:" kiss and talk, "and said:" Three of impotence in men and he mentioned that about his wife and taste before the update and Iwanasseha spends need to destroy them before they need it - part of the hadeeth quoted above

The increase in the configuration: leads to the excitement that may lead to accelerate the men one hundred before the completion of the process of communication or full women's access to the summit of joy, causing them pain to psychological and physical make them take bad memories of the process of nationality was related to aversion to complete them with time. This is to be drawn by the parties so that each party recognizes what he loves and is pleased the other party.

{Dialogue and understanding}

We recall in this connection the question of dialogue and understanding on this topic is very important, must be familiar to the couple before, during and after the meeting to speak on this subject, in the sense that each party asks the other what pleased and raised, and asked him whether his specific requests in this matter .. Especially the wife of the husband that you need to understand their situation, as some women are delaying in the district and Trhn, and needs to be understanding and dialogue in order to bring the couple to form and the appropriate time each.

{Healing} ignorance

Many of the things the first night you need to question and demand a sound knowledge and some resorted to placing a pillow under the back of the wife to facilitate the process of settling and sexual intercourse is the issue of non-natural make the wife, in a natural, making it the tension and feel of a thing strange calls for special arrangements .. Indeed, this situation may cause them pain became increasingly tense, and take root in the mind, and call for memories of the pain that I have heard, which could make it in reaction to involuntary resistance, and then lose psychological preparation that have occurred to them, so the situation is normal automatic without cost up to the desired result.

There is also a mistaken belief among many of the religious hatred for consideration to a member of Women and the rejection of this view of many scholars, including Shaykh al-Ghazali - God's mercy be upon him - which stated that the occurrence of the marital relationship requires consideration not reasonably be otherwise.

These points, which I prefer to be considered together before the wedding couple a week

Or two weeks and Ithora and Itvihama which even reach a common understanding, even if

They Ocklt Ithrja is not so specialized that ask come together to conceive

This night, and what is going on without problems.

The brief, what we have said in few words:

{Meeting normal .. No pain, no bleeding in special situations. Pets and configuration .. understanding of the structure and function of members .. Compassion and love .. }

Do not forget to pray and said God. The teaching of the Prophet - peace be upon him - in this night to begin her husband pray put his hand on top of his wife and says (I ask of goodness and the good of what is inherent to it and seek refuge in You from the evil and the evil of what is inherent to it) Narrated by Abu Dawood and Ibn Majah, then praying, two, and this makes the reassurance and calm atmosphere of this night.

{And moral duty of the husband on the night of the wedding}

It is true that the man had no difficulty in the wedding night to break virginity is that we have to deal with the wife tactfully and affection, this is his girl left the house and her parents, and then found herself with him in another world again, must be made her feel her husband Bmodth and love and attention, not considered prey must be invalidate it and will pick, but he must act with them in this night Kktaibp not a woman or a girl, not tonight the night of fun, but this is the night of love, the night of love is sexual, and the importance of this night is the importance of psychological rather than physical, let the night of affection and love, and not on the night of war and predation, and the man that is not looking for pleasure in this night, but cares about the wife does not hurt the feelings Ptsrah and Ronth, it will have all the Required wait a bit, in the shadow of light dim, after he leaves the bride freedom in the strip of her clothes, do not enter upon only after Adtjalla in bed, and it is also Itary either in an adjacent room or behind a curtain, for example, and not surprise the delta naked because that compose their scene, abhors him on the first day and to strengthen the morale of women and encourage them to get rid of the fear and dread shall be carried out virginity without cost , before the start of the introduction of the penis to be that the husband Pets bride and Mlateftha emotionally, and exaggerates in caressing and fondling, kissing and hugging and reciprocates his wife whispers emotional and words and touches of warm, even raised the bride and Itrdob vagina by Alifrazach vaginal resulting from the excitement, and gently the husband Bielag top tip of the penis between the labia minora toward the membrane, almost commutes bride whispers of passion, there is going a few minutes until the penetration is possible and easy, and we mean all this that the process ran for pleasure in an atmosphere of affection and love and calm, not to be in the form of brutal and predation, it is not desirable that life begins marital rape, and if the pair failed to break the membrane in the first night, he should postpone it until tomorrow morning ........


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