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Movements, particularly for women

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Through Mxti for married women discovered that the broken men and tastes must gather the wishes of the common means things Chdhm in women
Summarized for you in very few points in the form of tips
1 - men like women soft soft .. even if Conti Dbdoppe and Miliana Shui
Tkdrin given up your husband like a child Benahumick
Atvkadin for softness, especially if you have children
Choi movements to wear simple Tjzpin husband
How do you say?
If the market Dechlte
Buy clothes for the dignified quiet visits
Buy Vaathp and colors and soft for your husband.
It is better to be cut (without sleeves or straps)
. Men love the alien movements

Buy Tatu (Alstrass sticker) and on the neck and Ahtih better be very bright color (turquoise or Fushi) or above the navel If a large flower and Dress to wear light time (of a hill or cloth Amooslin) ..
Every man fond of perfumes
It is the most important reason for men Tduej Ospegi fragrance on yourself all the time not the time for sleep only.
If else is perfume shops and make-up ..
To the Department of spiritual and Fresheners Albaodr Buy Splash shower after sprinkle on your body and abundance Put powder, and evaporative and Tattri If your husband comes from work Asagpelet E_mrih hugs and tenderness ..
Believe me, I kept hoping Mevarq lap and why perfume
* If your husband loves you "normal" and without pigments and a bag of flour that doesn't mean you never make Mathtin Iaojoati do not believe me if told you I hate make-up, it means who Thtinh in visits and large events
Pay attention to the makeup Angvelin home!!
With that the man loves the girl on the nature of whatever skin
Rouge and as a means simple Old-Off Egnn
I recommend you buy Foundashion (cream base) and powder colors light time and in Ialikm dreamy and Mnaspatkm Special Put them * Then pectinate lashes Pmaskra gel and protein nutrients transparent * and Put Blush color Kherbzi light (darker than skin color, degree) and Put Gloss (lip gloss) .. but This cell is very strong because the man .. Tzbha full glossy lips ..
* Who cut a man's heart is the women tear *
To Atenseen that men hate women and solid Almstqoip
(Like their strength in the right * When difficult situations only), but in dialogues and debates has intensified the debate if and Kiti im not convinced that your husband is your opinion and that the "Caravan of him and his wealth to create discussion,"
Stop the dialogue immediately .. and Tsenai Abras * as the tears will come automatically and subconsciously .. electrostatic him to another room, crying softly come to you .. but Atnaakecih * Idjalleha tricks you open the new page and Tnhin dispute .. (Aithml tears of a woman) ..
I hope you like ..


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